I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


4. One innocent kiss can lead to much more

Sage P.O.V
We went down stairs the the boys all were shirtless and me and Nikki didn't mind!
Zayn smiled and said "hello ladies." That's when I saw Harry look up at Nikki and he said "hello gorgeous!" Nikki blushed and Lou laughed and looked at me and said "hello, beautiful!" and I giggled and sat down on the floor beside him. I asked "Where Niall was and Liam point towards the kitchen saying that boy can eat." I laughed and said "typical Niall." I got up and walked into the kitchen where I saw Niall stuffing his face. I laughed and said "Niall if your hungry I will order you pizza!" he said "Nahh it's ok but I knew Niall to well he so no but he meant yes I called and ordered 5 larger pizzas. We sat in the living room with the boys and I told them " I'll be right back boys I got to go to the bathroom." I left to go to the bathroom I got back and saw pizza on the table and said "the pizza guy came? Who payed?" Liam said "ohh I did." I said handing him money for the pizza "here you go." with a cheeky smile on my face he said " ohh I don't want your money it's ok." and he smiled happily. I said "No Instist! Please take the money!" he said "I'm not taking your money and that's that!" I sighed and put the money back in my pocket and said "whatever Liam." I said "well thank you." and gave him a hug while hugging him I slipped the money his back pocket. I looked up and Lou saw what I did I put my finger over my lips and mouthed "shhhh" he nodded then got some pizza after everyone ate. Harry and zayn shouted and the sametime "let's do something!" and Lou's eyes lit up and he said "lets play truth or dare!!" Everybody agreed and sat in a circle Niall got the bottle and placed it on the ground. Nikki asked "who wants to-" but was cut off because her phone rang she answered it and said hey and then handed me the phone she said it was millie I smiled I missed millie since she moved to... MIAMI!! I scream hey and talk to her then told her to come over and she did! She started when Harry answered the door for about 10 seconds she Fangirled then got a hold of herself and sat next to me a zayn. She spun the bottle girst it landed on Niall she said "truth or dare?!" he picked dare and of course she shocked everyone when she said "I dare you to kiss .... SAGE" he said "no biggie" then she said "on the lips for 30 seconds" with a death glare and a evil smirk! Then my eyes widened was he going to kiss me WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN I PANIC!! My heart started to race! He look at Millie and sad with a nervous smile no problem. He walked over to me everyone in the room starring I felt cold stares studying my emotions I tried to act non-chalaunt. Then he sat down by me tucked a stray piece of hair behind my ear. Then he leaned in for the kiss. Everyone was watch they dared to to move and inch and then I didn't want to feel like a baby and be treated like a scardy cat! So as he leaned in, I went forward and put my lips against his soft plump pink lips and as I did he kissed back and before I knew it he was on top of me massaging my lips with his and I loved it. I never wanted to stop but I remembered everyone was watching and Niall was like my brother. I was about to pull away until his tounge slide across my bottom lip I was shocked for a second I was thinking should I pull away or let his tounge enter before I knew it his tounge tickled my bottom lip again and it felt so right and right then I didn't give a fuck if it was so wrong I rolled him over on his back pushed my lips against his and as soon as I felt his tounge slide against my bottom lip asking for entrance this time there was no hesitation as we layed on the grounded kissing like we were freshmen in high school and I remembered everyone was still watching as I pulled away from Niall I looked up and have Millie a smart ass smirk and a smart ass comment as well I said was that 30 seconds long. Then all of a sudden I heard Lou laugh and then I started to laugh at his uncontrollable laugh and then every was laughing I looked over to Niall as he layed on the ground with the biggest smile I have ever seen of his face and this is Niall I'm talking about he always smiling but not like this he sat up and glanced at me and said now I remembered why I missed you then I laughed and slapped his arm. Then it came to my attention that Nikki and Harry were no where be found I told everyone to be quite and follow me we all tip-toed upstairs. We got to Nikki's bedroom door I turned to them and put my finger over my lips and said "shhh" then i grabbed the door handle and slung the door open everyone bargged in and jumped on the bed and Nikki screamed she told everyone to leave and gave me 'I'm going to kill you look' and I gave a 'fuck off smile' and I laughed and she smiled I whispered have a nice time, before- I cut her off by slamming the door as I was about to go down stairs I felt someone grab my wrist I was about to scream but I noticed it was Niall I said what is it Niall he smiled and said "oh nothing." I pouted and perced my lips together and stuck them out playfully saying wanna a kiss?" and I smiled he smiled and said ye- I cut him of by say race you to my bedroom for one when I was half way there he said aww no fair ran after. He ran into my room I closed the door and turn the light on he starred at me studying want to know what I was going to do next I was unpredictable. I walked up him and kissed his pink full lips and then he backed me against the wall as we kissed I felt empowered I felt like I could do anything so I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. Not know if I was to heavy or not I put my arms around his next and starred into his eyes and I said innocently I forgot how to kiss he started at me and smiled He said I did too I said that's to bad and I jumped down and whispered into his ear seductively because I really wanted so much more!
Then I walked over to the door placed my hand on the knob as I was about to open up the door when I was grabbed from behind his arms wrapped around my waist and he kissed me on my neck and I could help but let out a moan and turn around and kissed him while pushing him backwards and I kissed him roughly then pushed him on the bed sat on his lap facing him I wrapped my legs around him and and we kissed roughly and we starred getting wild and rolling each other over on their back by then I was on my back! I looked at the time. It was really late and as he kissed my neck just to tease and make him wanting more I said time for bed and pulled away I went and changed into my pajamas and looked downstairs the boys asleep on the couches and out the corner of my eye Millie and zayn MAKINGOUT!! I thought to myself you zayn, you dog then I remembered I love Millie even know she was pretty easy to lour in. I sighed and brushed my teeth and went back in my room to see Niall in his underwear and he said he did have pajamas I said its ok and it really wasn't because I wanted to leave him wanting more not him leaving me wanting more! And for a boy who ate tons he didn't have flabs he had a 6 pack! We got in bed. I said "Goodnight Niall!" and I put my head on his chest and listen to his heart beat as the beautiful rythem put me to sleep!
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