I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


1. Happy birthday Nikki

Sage P.O.V
It has been a 2 years since I have seen Niall!
I wanted to see him so bad he was my best friend. Thats when my mom popped her head in my room. She said "Hey sweetie" and sat down on my bed.
I said hey mom with a big smile one my face. She asked "How long has it been since you have seen Niall?"
I said "2 years except for the 2 days I saw him when he was on brake last month."
"Why?" I asked her
She said "Well I know how you miss him and I know how nikki (girl bestie since I was little) is obbessesed with one direction!"
I glared at her and said "Mom what are you up to?" She said "Since Nikki's birthday is tomorrow I got her a prestent I want you to give it to her!"
"What is it I said?" She got a sneaky grin on her face and handed my two front row one direction tickets. I screamed my head of I yelled " Thank you mom!"
She said "Your welcome honey now call Nikki to spend the night!"
I grabbed my iPhone off the charger and called Nikki as fast as I could when she answered I screamed and yelled "My mom got you the awesomest birthday prestent ever!"
She ask "What is it?" I said less crazed this time "I cant tell you, you have to come spend the night and I'll show!"
She hung up and in less then 20 minutes she was at my door with her pink and brown pooka dotted bag! We squealed like 5 year olds because it was a thing we did everytime we saw each other!
She ran inside because she never need permission to come in! "So what is it?" she asked
I said with a cheeky grin "look in my hand!" I held up the two one direction tickets!" she dropped her bag and screamed "I LOVE YOUR MOM!"
I told her excitedly "We leave tomorrow!" She said "but... I have to ask my parents..." I said no need mom already discussed it with her!"
She said once again "I love your mom!" I told "ok, we have a big day tomorrow let's get some sleep!"
I went into the bathroom and changed into my lace collar tank top and my silk booty shorts. I brushed through my naturally straight hair, then tied it into a loose needy bun just the way I liked it. Thn I splashed some water onto my face and I walk into my bedroom where Nikki was already changed into her soft purple cotton tank top that said "I heart 1D" on the front and her hollister sweats. I smiled at her and as I looked into her green with a tint of golden eyes I whispered "Can you believe it?"
She starred at me with a huge grin plastered on her face and said in a soft tone that tickled my ears "can you believe it, we get to see Niall again!"
I smiled a said "I missed him so much!" "I know sagiee, I know" she said.
"We were like the three musketeers." I whispered she said nearly shouting at the top of her lungs remember when you had that crush on him?!?!" then she giggled.
I felt the heat rush to my cheeks, she brusted out laughing when she saw me blush. I opened my mouth all that managed to come out was "ehh." I was so embarresed. She said "it's ok" and grabbed my hand and kissed it. I giggled and said well remember when you had a crush on Harry when we went to London for the summer and he bumbed into you and was so embarresed!" she blushed and whispered " I doubt he remembers me, it was before he was famous and what not." I giggled and said what if he sees you and the memories come flowing back and he confess his never ending love for you!" the we both smiled and Bursted out laughing!
"Time to go to sleep my sweet angel!" I whispered she replied "yes my love, good night my darling child!" we giggled then quickly fell asleep

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