I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


5. Excited Boy! ;)

Sage's P.O.V
I wake up to find that I was still laying on niall's chest. I looked up at his face he looked like and angel when he slept. Of course it was different from when we were little and he slept over with me and Nikki but I still liked it. I get up trying to not desturb him. But I failed!

He looked at me and said "good morning beautiful." I said "good morning and what are you do happy about?" With a devious smile. "Because I had fun last night" he said as he backed me up against a wall. What was so fun I said sarcasticly. He smiled and said suductivly into my neck "oh should we have a replay?" I smiled and said "maybe" as I slipped out of his arms.

He grabbed my waist and spun me around and said "ok then let's start!" I kissed his collar bone and he moaned. And he pulled my waist to touch his. Then he pulled my up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I felt him get hard and I laughed. "Your so easy" I burlted out and jumped down. "I can't help it, I mean look at your great body." "You should take care of your boner" and I winked as I grabbed the door handle. He grabbed my hips and kissed my neck then whispered "You wanna help me with it." I stuck my hand down his boxers and rubbed it gentle. He moaned and as he was about to release his hot fluid I stopped and kissed his neck. "He said come on don't tease me." Then I walked out the room and left him to finish up. I was only going to tease him I wasn't ready to go all the way.

I walked down stairs as I walked in the kitchen I stopped my eyes bulgging out my head. There was millie and zayn crashed on the kitchen island. I was happy to see they both were still wearing clothes but to see how many empty beer cans there were it was crazy. I made some pancakes and a some bacon for everyone and as I got plates I turned around to find Nikki the bacon queen stealing bacon out the pan.

I yelled "Nikki stop!" she ran into the living with her mouth stuffed with bacon shouting I want a bunch of bacon!" I rolled my eyes and sighed and when I finally finished the food I turned around to see naked Harry! "HARRY!!" I screamed. He covered himself he stuttered "I-I didn't know anyone was in here." then he blushed. I said "its ok but please put some clothes on" and as he was leave I said "did you and nikkie umm ...." He said "oh no I just like to walk around naked!" then he left. I whispered to my self "I know that Im a directioner did you forget!"

Finally everyone was awake! As I walked out of the kitchen there sat 5 hot shirtless guys in their boxers. On the inside I was gasping for air wanting to run up to all of them a run my hand along their .... But on the outside I was like "good morning guys and sat in between louis and Liam.

We all ate and laughed when Louis dropped his fork on his junk and screamed! As we were going to put up our plates Niall spilled syrup on his naked chest. I thought I could tease him a little more so I said in a sexy suductive voice "let me get that" and as everyone watched I licked it off his chest and he whispered in my ear "you don't know how bad I want you!"

Me and nikkie got changed Millie went home and got changed and the 5 boys all got ready also. We went out to a fair type thing. Nikki was wearing a white T-shirt so when we went on a water ride, you could see through her T-shirt lucky she was wear a bra that also happen to be white not much help. But I looked at Harry and he couldnt stop looking at Nikki's boobs.

Before we got home we went to taco bell so Millie could get her damn tacos that she was whining for! We all ended up getting tacos and ratting there. Millie stayed over with us and the boys went home but before Niall left, since it was so fun to tease him and get him excited, I walked over to him and kissed his callor bone then ran my hands down his chest and pushed him on the couch and sat my bum not on his lap but on his excited area and then kissed him roughly. Then I got up and let him leave the look on his face when he rushed to the car and said I gotta get home now made crack up.

Whe got home changed into our pajamas and went to sleep because it was along day.

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