I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


3. Beach day

Sage's P.O.V
I woke up to find Nikki made breakfast, it was French toast, my favorite! I rushed in the kitchen and grabbed some French toast and shoved it in my mouth and smiled real big for Nikki. She giggle, then said "good morning beautiful!" I opened my mouth and showed her my chewed up food and she said "your quite the chamer sagiee!" I swallowed and then laughed.
"So what do you wanna do on our first day in Miami?" she asked me looking excited. I rubbed my chin so it looked like I was thinking I looked into her golden-green eyes as she looked into my light blue eyes and we both screamed "BEACH!!" We raced up to our rooms. I grabbed my white and light blue striped bathing suit the top was strapless with a light blue bow in the middle of it and the bottoms were just normal looking bottoms. I changed into my bathing suit as fast as I could.
Nikki's P.O.V
I grabbed my pink pooka dotted bathing suit. The top was strapless with a pink ring that held both sides together and my bottoms were normal except both sides were held together with pink rings. I hurried to but it on as sagiee called my name! Then I ran to her room I saw her putting on some water proof eyeliner and mascara, when she was done I did the same. We ran to the door and as we were about to rip it open, there was a knock. Me and sage looked at each other confused that someone would know on our cabin suite because we knew no one who lived in Miami then we thought out loud cleaning lady! We open the door to find not a cleaning but a man he greeted us and told us to enjoy our stay! With that we left the cabin suite and locked the door and raced to the beach I put my naturally curly hair into a side braid and sage pulled her long straight black hair into a pony tail. We sun bathed for a bit then hit the water. It was a little to noisy for us. We grabbed our stuff and walked over where there was no one we layed our towels and sat down and played in the sand. Then got up for a swim.
Sage's P.O.V
We raced to the water. When we got in I pushed nikki and she went into the water. I giggled then burst out laughing. I saw her peek from under the water. I saw and evil grin on her face before I knew it, I was under water. I came up and we both laughed at each other. We were messing around then all of a sudden I heard laughter. I saw Nikki's mouth in a complete 'O' shape I look where she was looking I saw 5 super hot guys with 6 packes and they layed their towels next to ours. We couldn't see that well so me and Nikki planned to pretend to go dry off so we could see them better as we ran over there to dry off. I heard Nikki scream at the top of her lungs "NIALL!!"
We raced to him and hugged him from behind and we heard one of the boys say "oh no not crazed fans!" Nikki snapped at him and said "we aren't crazed fans!" Niall said he knew that voice anywhere he looked at us and yelled "Nikki!! Sage!!
What are you guys doing here and I said "we were actually coming to see you in concert!"
That's when Nikki's face went pale. I yelled NIKKI WHATS WRONG!?!? She let out a small whisper saying "that means..." "I said that means what nikki?" she shook her head as color came back to her face and smiled as she perked back up and said "That means Harry is here." that's when I teased and started singing "summer loving it happens so fast!" then I laughed she said jokingly "shut up,sagiee!" as she blushed.
The boys looked at us confused I turned to them all and Said "hi im sage and th- "I was cut off by Nikki. Nikki said "I can interduce myself" and she winked and said loud and proud "I'm Nikki!"
Everyone interduce their selves and Nikki asked nervously where is "Harry....and Liam?"
Lou raised his eyebrow and said "He is swimming why?" he did a mischievous smile and when he did that he got hisself into something because Nikki played mischievously too. So she said with a mincing grin "because don't you remember I'm a crazed fan!" he looked at her blank exspression and said "well then run to Harry as a crazed fan would!" with a cheeky grin on his face thinking she had enough pride not to do so but... She didn't a giant grin plastered on her face. She turned slowly then flinged her arms in the air and started running straight for him screaming "Harry, my love I'm coming for you!" and before I knew it I fell to my knees holding my stomache because I was laughing so hard it hurt!
Niall's P.O.V
"I missed yall so much" with a cheeky grin on my face. She said ohh really "I thought you forgot about us" jokingly then winked. Then I said something that made her so happy! I said "I could never forget about you guys!" "I love y'all with all my heart y'all are my best friends!" she smiled really big! Then I heard Lou cough and say I though we were your best friends! I chuckled and said "sure Lou whatever you want." we were all about to leave when sage asked "do you guys wanna come over to our place and hang?" I smiled and before I could answer Lou screamed "YES!!" and hugged sage and she chuckled and hugged him back. And zayn said sure,babe!
Nikki's P.O.V
As I reached Harry he starred at me and laughed then he grabbed me and spun me around in the water and said "Yes, my love?" and I laughed he looked at me closer and said "Nikki?" and I said "yes, my love?" still playing around. Harry says "Nikki,NIKKI FROM LONDON?!? I said "Harry, you remember that summer?" I had a suprised look on my face. He said "how have you been?" with a smile then he added on "my love." I giggled and said great and you?" he said "wonderful now that you showed up" and I blushed. Then I heard a cough. I looked at Liam and with a big smile I said "hi I'm Nikki" I held my hand out. He shook my hand and said "I'm Liam." we messed around for a while before I knew it, it was really late. We walked over to the other guys sitting down.
Sage P.O.V
"hey,Nikki!" "Niall,Lou,and zayn are coming to our place to hang out!" "Hey Harry, Liam you guys wanna come over too?"
Harry said "of course I can't stand to be away from my love!" and Nikki giggled and said "we shall never be apart again my love!" and she sent a "take that look" at Lou! And then had a smirk on her face.
I said "how bout it Liam?" "Sure,I would love to." we went back to our place. Me and nikki went to change. I changed into a brown one strap top and some white booty shorts and I put some eyeliner and mascara on and but of white shiny eye shadow. I went to Nikki's room she changed into a red slim fitting top and black skinny jeans and should but some eyeliner and mascara on and a bit of shiny lip gloss even know she wasn't a big fan of lip gloss. Then I looked at her and said I have been hold this in all day she knew exactly what I was talking about she said me to we shut the interlocked our fingers and Fangirled. Then she asked ready and I said READY!!

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