I was best friends with Niall since we were little and will the become more than that. Niall gets excited very easily! (contains sexual containt)


6. a swim?

nikki's p.o.v


i woke up, and stretched i was so carefree right now, and i couldn't wait for the day ahead!

i saw the girls weren't awake so i did the honors of making breakfast for them! with plenty of bacon....for me! when i saw millie and sagiie up i screamed "mornin to the most preetiest girls on earth" they responded with a giggle and we sat down at the table! 


"how was your sleep, guys?" i asked while getting them some eggs and bacon. "it was amazing" millie shouted. "I can't believe i get to stay with you guys all summer!" i giggled as sage said "believe it babe and winked like she was a boy." we were all laughing and having fun when i felt my phone vibrate again and again. I pulled it out of my baggy sweat pants and saw the name and a picture of a curly haired boy appear on the screen i smiled foolishly like a 12 year old girl! Then out of my surprise sage snatched it from my hands and answered it "hey sexy" trying to mimic my voice and she did pretty well! i snatched the phone from her hand and put it to my ear as i was about to say what happen "oh, well hello there, babe! sounded from the other line i giggled and we started to talk!



sage's p.o.v

it took ages before nikki hung up the phone and cheekily said "you guys up for a swim at the boy's place?" i was so excited apparently millie was too because in melody form we both shouted "RACE YA UP STAIRS!" then we were off running as fast as we could. i got to my room not bothering to close the door because we were racing to see who could get ready faster! it was always hard to beat millie as i remembered back when she lived next to me and spent the night all the time with me and nikki. 


i rushed but i was out of breath so i just stopped with trying to win and sat down on my bed and whispered "you win this one millie!" out of no where millie shouted "i know!" how did she hear me?! god, that girl is mysterious at times!  I caught my breath in seconds and got new bathing suit i bought when my mom took me and nikki on a shopping spree! I put the golden top on. My breasts must have or the top got smaller the the triangles once covered all of my breast but now lets a bit more show the triangles covered about 2 and 1/2 out of  4 parts of my boobs. but it was fine because it wasn't to skimpy it was almost perfect! i pulled on the golden bottoms that had fitted perfect. 


niall's p.o.v

i knocked on the door as harry stood beside me. when the door  open i millie smiling say "come on in guys, nikki and sage are up stairs getting ready with a giggle i told her "she looked beautiful today" and she just nodded at sat on the couch. Me and harry walked upstairs slowly he went to nikki's room i went to sage's. the door was open so i just walked into see wearing a loose rolling stones top and some black ripped short shorts, putting on makeup. hmm why was she putting on makeup we were going to swim, i don't get girls? "hey, nialler" the sound of her calling my name ripped me from my thoughts. i smiled cheekily and mumbled "hey, beautiful" and she spun around in her seat and walked over to me , not knowing what she was going to do knowing her devious mind i put my hands up, she intertwined her fingers with mine and lead me out the room downstairs.


harry's p.o.v

i opened the door to nikki's room not thinking about if she was naked but as it crossed my mind i hoped she was because i wouldn't mind it. As i walked in i saw her standing in front of the door as if she was just done about to walk out we were face to face. i was starring into her beautiful light green eyes that usually just had a tint of gold but this time they were almost all gold. as i gazed to her beauty i wanted to kiss her right then but knew it would make it awkward. it was totally silent  i decide it was time to say something because i was tensing up. "you look stunning" is all i was able to choke out. she blushed and said "not to bad yourself" i moved out the door way "ladies first" she teased and said "oh well aren't you going to go ma'am?" "haha but i can prove im not a lady" and she giggled and said "no thanks" and walked out the room as we walked downstairs i couldn't help but glance at her bum, as she strunted. this was going to be a long but great day!

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