The Chance

A 18 year old girl named Katie wakes up on a normal day to continue her normal life. She decides to go to the mall to look around and shop. As she is entering a store she notices a cute top and goes for it when she was met by a another hand it was a pretty girl who she had no idea was going to introduce her to one of the most famous guys in the world,One direction.But there meeting was not all good for the girl she had met was in a terrible accident.Katie then goes to see her but to her surprise the girl which is named Shannon was accompanied by non other the the guys from one direction. Katie also didn't know that Louis was not only going to be her friend but more


4. Will He Understand?

How could this happen I think to myself. As I read on it, it said that as they were out at dinner Louis kept texting some girl named Katie. Eleanor eventually got fed up with being ignored and decided to end it.

"Its all my fault." I said as I burrow my face into my pillow and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up in the morning my eyes were red and my nose was stuffy. I was still in shock from last night I just could not accept it. As I was sitting there my phone buzzed, it was Harry it said.

"hey Katie me, Louis, and Niall are going out for ice cream would you like to come?"

I was not sure if I wanted to go because of Louis but, I didn't want to let Harry down so I replied "Sure just come on over"

I walked to the bathroom and did my hair, then my make up. The door bell rings and I tell my mom I am going out. When I open the door I was greeted by the guys who were in disguises. We hopped in the car and took off to Fuzzy Peach which has the best frozen yogurt ever. When we get there I noticed Louis didn't seem that depressed. We all got our frozen yogurt and went back to the car, where we could eat in peace. I finished mine first and waited for everyone else. When they were done I took their trash for them.

"We are going to go back to the hotel to hang out, you want to come" Zayn asked.

"Yeah i'll come I don't have anything planned" I reply with a smile. Louis seemed a little happy about that. Once we were at the hotel I hung up my purse and sat on the couch with Louis. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Harry and Zayn, they winked at each other.

"Hey Katie, Louis, Zayn, and I are going to the store to get some drinks."

"Alright see ya" Louis replied.

I'm just kinda sitting there awkwardly. Then Harry and Zayn walked out the door. I'm pretty sure this was the most awkward moment ever. We were just sitting there when Louis asked, "I would like to know more about you, is that okay?"

I meet eyes with him then reply,"Sure I'll start from childhood.  Well when I was 9 my dad walked out on my mom and me. Ever sense that I have been trying the best I can to make things easy on her." I tell Louis.

"That must have been terrible and very hard for you." he replied in a reassuring voice.

I reply sighing  "Yeah you could say that but I would do anything for my mom, she is all I have left."  I could feel myself tearing up. I didn't want Louis to see my cry, so I tried to hold it back.

"My parents weren't the best, but I still love them. Nothing bad has really happened to me, but I somehow know what you're feeling" Louis says.

There was something that I have been wanting to tell someone for years, but couldn't find the courage too, not even my mom. It was different with Louis though, I felt like I could tell him anything and he would listen and try to help.    "There is something I have been wanting to tell someone for years but couldn't, but I feel like I can tell you." I tell him with a tear coming down my face.

His face looked understanding, "It's fine you can tell me anything but only if you're ready." he says putting his arm around me.   "Okay, when I was about 6, before my dad left my mom had gotten a nighttime job. Me and my dad would stay home while she was at work. Well, after a couple of days my dad started acting weird" I tell him.

"What do you mean by weird?" He asks.

"Well about five days after my mom got a job, my dad would ask me to take baths with him. Which to me did not seem bad because of how old I was."  I tell him.  Just before I'm about to tell him more the memories started flooding in and I chocked up. I just started crying and Louis kept asking if I was alright, but I could not talk. I think Louis understood because he stopped asking and hugged me. As I started crying harder his arms tightened around me.

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