The Chance

A 18 year old girl named Katie wakes up on a normal day to continue her normal life. She decides to go to the mall to look around and shop. As she is entering a store she notices a cute top and goes for it when she was met by a another hand it was a pretty girl who she had no idea was going to introduce her to one of the most famous guys in the world,One direction.But there meeting was not all good for the girl she had met was in a terrible accident.Katie then goes to see her but to her surprise the girl which is named Shannon was accompanied by non other the the guys from one direction. Katie also didn't know that Louis was not only going to be her friend but more


2. Whats Happened

 I was surprised to have read that I reply.

"Is she ok! And what hospital and room is she in." I sent then waited anxiously.

Sylvia then reply's with the hospital name and room. I run to my mom telling her what had happened and tell her I'm going to the hospital she says that is fine and I hop in the car and take off . As I'm in the car I start thinking why am I acting like this, I had only just met her. I finally arrive at the hospital  and I rush to Shannon's room  now standing paused and kinda nervous at the door I finally knock the. This girl who I'm guessing is Sylvia answers. As I walk in I noticed two males but I really looked at them and realize that it is Harry and Liam from one direction.

I stand there frozen and cant speak I ask kinda stuttering. "Are you okay?" then ask quietly "Who are they?" She leaned up a little. 

"I'm sorry I refused to introduce you to Liam, my boyfriend and Harry my friend."

I looked back at the guys and they waved I'm still standing there awkwardly when I hear people behind me I then turn around to find the rest of the guys from one direction the first one that came in was Louis we meet eyes and I move to the side so they can come in. I have had a crush on Louis for a year now. Then the doctor walked and asked for everyone to leave but Sylvia, Liam and Harry. I say bye to Shannon and walk out with the other guys I sit down on the bench outside the room Zayn and Niall told Louis that they where leaving. Louis then tells them that he was staying. I'm sitting just going through my phone when Louis sits beside me. On the inside I'm freaking out but I played it pretty cool. It was really quiet and Louis kept glancing at me. I do my best not to make eye contact.

After a few minutes he finally says something he asks. "So how did you and Shannon meet?"

Kinda surprised he talked to me. I say, "I was in the mall and had walked into Areopostale and saw this really cute top so I decided to go for it when someone else was and it turned out to be Shannon."

Louis sits there for a minute then bursts out laughing I blush he looks at me and sees me blush I look at him and we make eye contact I'm blushing even more now as he is looking at me he says in a very sexy voice,"You know your freckles are really cute."

Now I'm so red it's not even funny I turn away and in a really quiet voice I say,"No there not I hate my freckles." I glance back at him to find him giving me a sort of sad face.

"No they're  not! They are wonderful and don't let anyone tell you other wise!" Louis shouts.

Surprised by that I couldn't say a word a few seconds. After that Liam walks out and told us that Shannon was being released tomorrow. As I am getting ready to leave Louis walks up and asked for my number I was caught of guard so stuttering I say,"Sure...Let's trade...Numbers."

So we traded numbers and then he got into the cab with Liam. After that I walk to my car and went home I was so worn out by everything that had happened and just hoped in bed and slept.

When I wake up I have a whopping headache so I grab some medicine. I go back to my room and check my phone. I noticed I had gotten a text I open it and it read,"Hey Katie, it's Louis me Zayn and Harry are going for pizza would you like to come?"  

I screamed at the top of my lungs I was so happy. My mom ran in she asked if I was okay I say, "Just fine mom."

When she leaves I freak some more then I remember Louis has a girlfriend named Eleanor and she is so in love with him. I think for a minute and decide that I'll go but won't flirt. I texted Louis back saying,"Sure I'll go, just pick me up in 20 minutes"

I also texted him my address. I rush to get ready but have no idea what to where. I put on my jean short shorts and my vans belly shirt with my purple vans. I finished my hair when I hear the doorbell I run to my moms room and said i'll be back soon. I rush out to get the door. Louis opens the back door for me and I get in. Beside me was Harry me and him chit chadded till we got there.

It was my favorite pizza place I thought to myself,"He knows me so well."

As we walk inside I was trampled by a huge group of fan girls. I tried to get up but one of the girls kicked me in the head. Just before my world blacked out I hear what sounded like Louis yelling, "Katie! Are you okay?! Katie!"

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