The Chance

A 18 year old girl named Katie wakes up on a normal day to continue her normal life. She decides to go to the mall to look around and shop. As she is entering a store she notices a cute top and goes for it when she was met by a another hand it was a pretty girl who she had no idea was going to introduce her to one of the most famous guys in the world,One direction.But there meeting was not all good for the girl she had met was in a terrible accident.Katie then goes to see her but to her surprise the girl which is named Shannon was accompanied by non other the the guys from one direction. Katie also didn't know that Louis was not only going to be her friend but more


3. What Should I Do?

I woke up in what looked like a bedroom, I try to sit up but my head hurt so bad that I couldn't get up so I just laid there. I start to hear the door open to see Louis walking in with a tray of tea and toast. It had not hit me at first but I was in Louis room. I try not to freak, he walks up and puts his forehead up to mine . I'm blushed really bad he pulled away and said   


 "well your fever went down how are you feeling?"  


 "I'm .. J-Just fine" I stuttered  


 He smiles "there's a shower over there you can freshen up"   


Then he walks out. Trying not to think to hard about what happened. I hop in the shower it was huge and the water felt great. The shampoo smelt really good as well as everything else. I get out and wrapped my towel around me then walked out the room. I tried to see if there were some clothes to put on, just as I'm about to go check the closet I hear the door once again open. I spun around to meet eyes with  Louis who was for some reason accompanied by Harry. It was so quiet that it was deafening. I then ran to the bathroom as fast as I can and slammed the door shut. Louis then sets something outside the door. Sliding my back down the wall, I could not believe what had just happened. I crack the door open and peak around the corner, they where gone and I stood up and looked to see what Louis had left. It was a basket with flowers and a really pretty summer dress. I slipped it on it looked really good, I didn't know how I was supposed to face Louis and Harry.   


 "Just suck it up" I told myself then I walked into what seemed to be the living room. Looking around I noticed Louis and Harry sitting on the couch watching tv. Louis then  turns and notices me and  nudged Harry, then they both walk up to me. Before I could say a word Harry cuts me off and says    


"So we found a place to go and not have fan girls knocking out people." Harry winked at me.   


"Would you like to have another go?"


 Louis asks in the sweetest voice. How could I say no? I reply  


"Just promise I won't get knocked out again"   


 We all burst out laughing then hopped in the cab. I was In the middle, it was pretty quiet then my stomach made a gurgling noise. They both looked at me, and I blushed.  


 "Someone is hungry" says Louis.


 We arrived at this restaurant and there was no one around, thank goodness. We walked in, the whole place was empty. The waiter took us to our seats, Louis pulled my chair out for me.   


 "Thanks" I say  


 The waiter walks up and asked what we would like to drink. Louis orders a daim bar milkshake, Harry orders apple juice, and I order some sprite. The waiter writes it down and says    


"I'll be right back with you drinks"  


 I pick up the menu everything looked great, I decided to go with the stuffed mushrooms with some shrimp scampi.  Louis gets stuffed chicken with a huge side of carrots and then Harry just orders a humongous bowl of sweet corn and some bread. The waiter brings us our drinks and takes our orders. After he leaves we all just chatted, I learned a lot like Harry is a lot more outgoing then you think, but also with a sensitive side. As for   Louis I already knew he was funny and just out there. There was a window where we were sitting and I was just staring into space, but then I noticed this girl looking at Louis. I took a harder look at her then I knew it was Eleanor, I nudged louis and told him Eleanor was coming     


"I know I invited her "  says Louis  


 I just give him a blank look and the next thing you know there is Eleanor standing at the table.  She then leans down and they kissed. That was probably the most awkward moment of my life. Harry looked over at me and I think that he could tell. After they where done locking lips Eleanor pulls up a chair and sits. 


"We just ordered some food would you like any thing"   Louis asks Eleanor   


"I already ate but thanks anyways" Eleanor replied smiling   


The waiter then walks up with are tray of food and it looks great.   


"This is really good, I think I died" says Harry with a mouth full of food.

  I reply "Yeah, I agree, it's wonderful"    


 When we finished we all walked outside, Eleanor had to go. Louis and her had there good byes and she left .   


 "Well we will take you home now" Louis says   


 "Yeah let's go" I sigh   


 When I got home I decide I get on the computer and check One Directions site. As I'm looking around I noticed something huge...Louis and Eleanor broke up.

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