The Chance

A 18 year old girl named Katie wakes up on a normal day to continue her normal life. She decides to go to the mall to look around and shop. As she is entering a store she notices a cute top and goes for it when she was met by a another hand it was a pretty girl who she had no idea was going to introduce her to one of the most famous guys in the world,One direction.But there meeting was not all good for the girl she had met was in a terrible accident.Katie then goes to see her but to her surprise the girl which is named Shannon was accompanied by non other the the guys from one direction. Katie also didn't know that Louis was not only going to be her friend but more


1. The Meeting

It's was a early day in June and it is a beautiful day, I had just gotten up. I decide to take a nice hot shower to get myself awake. I run down stairs to grab some breakfast when my mom walks down.

"Good morning honey, how are you?" she said happily.

"I'm great mom, is it okay if I go to the mall?" I asked while I stuffed my mouth with toast.

My mom says "Sure, just take your cell and don't be out long."

Then she goes to her room. I run upstairs to grab my phone and jump in the car. I started thinking about my life, I'm only 18 and I haven't really done anything with it. When I was 9 my dad left my mom and ever sense I have been doing as much as possible to make things easier on her. I park my car and walk in to the mall. I go into Areopostale and look around when I see this really cute top and it's the last one so I go for it. I grab it when I see another hand on it. I look up to find a fairly pretty girl looking back at me we stand there awkwardly for a minute when we burst out laughing.

"You can have, it won't look that good on me anyways." I sighed.

Then she says "Now don't be too harsh on your self, I'm sure you'll look great in it."

Then gives me a smile. "Oh and I'm Shannon by the way whats your name?" she asks happily.

I reply with a smile "It's Katie."

Shannon then asks if we could trade numbers.

"Sure thing" I say with a grin.

After I give her my number I wave good bye and walk out. When I get home my mom asked me if anything happened at the mall so I tell her about Shannon then my mom suggested I invite her over for dinner tomorrow. After I finish eating I go to my room and decide to invite Shannon. 

I texted her saying "Hey do you think that you could come for dinner?" I sent it and then wait for a reply.

A few seconds later I got a reply it said "Hey this is Sylvia, Shannon is in the hospital."

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