Look Before You Fall

This Is My First Fanfic,I Really Hope You Guys Enjoy This :D
It does have cuss words so just a warning ;)
Jess was madly in love with Harry Styles. She had been going through some issues with him. But when Harry asks Jess to open up for One Direction and come on tour with him, she finds out something that broke her heart. She also finds out that she ruined Liam's relationship with his girlfriend but might have started one with her self and Liam. And does she have 2 boys fight over her. Or 3? All Jess knows is,she needs to look before she falls in love...with anyone.


27. Chapter 26


Wow, everything that happened just seemed to sink in this morning. I had woken up, and Harry was beside me. His arm was around my waist, and his eyes were closed. He had a small smile on his face, and I grinned. 

I leaned forward to kiss his forehead, and then I started to climb out of bed. However, his grip tightened around me. 

“Harry,” I said, laughing, “I’m hungry. You’re going to have to let me go.”

“No, never,” he said, teasingly. He brought me back down, and he kissed me softly. “I’m never letting you go.”

“Not even to feed my starving stomach?”

“No,” he said, chuckling. “Not even that. I’ll have to go with you.”

“Well then, come on,” I urged. “Let’s go, love.”

“Wait, I can’t move. I need energy!” he responded, stroking back a strand of my hair. I sighed in contentment. 

I leaned forward and kissed him. “Did that give you energy?”

“Yup!” He instantly sat up, and I chuckled.

We got out of bed and made our way downstairs. All of the boys were already up, and Louis was eating buttered bread. The others were finished breakfast, and they were all chattering loudly around the kitchen table. 

“Morning lovebirds!” Louis sang, happily. “Wild night last night?”

“Shut up!” I said, blushing. Every boy smiled, laughing. It felt good to be with Harry again. He really made feel complete - as cheesy as that sounds. 

“Oh, and don’t forget, Jessie and Harry - you guys have an interview today to talk about your new romance and such. Just got to answer some burning questions!” Zayn reminded us. I nodded. 

“Want to sit outside, Jess?” Harry wondered. 

“Sure,” I said, nodding. “But, hold on. I’m just going to talk to Liam. Meet you out there.”

He nodded and went through the sliding door out to the backyard. Niall, Louis, and Zayn left the room. 

It was just me and Liam. 

“Liam - I hope you’re okay with all of this. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable in any way,” I said, timidly. 

“Jess, honestly, I’m completely fine,” he reassured me. He grinned. “Look, I still care about you - I always will. But, I’ve let you go because you needed to be with Harry. I understand, so don’t worry!” 

I breathed a sigh of relief. “Really?” 

“Jessie, I just want you to be happy. And seeing you, just now, with Harry made me realize that you’ll only ever be content with him. So, if that’s what you want, then I’m okay.”

Wow, he was being so supportive, it was amazing. I realized how much I took all my friends for granted. All of them had offered me such valid, amazing advice, and all they wanted was my happiness. 

I walked out to join Harry, and he was standing and staring at the sun. 

I took his hand in mine. “I love you, Harry. No one else, but you.”

He turned to face me, staring with complete adoration. He brushed back a loose strand of hair, affectionately. 

“I love you so much, Jess. I will never find anyone like you. You’re mine, and I’m yours. That will never change. And I don’t want it to. You’re too amazing to lose.”

My heart fluttered as he said this. Wow, he had such a way with words, it was beautiful. I leaned forward, and he held me close. 


“So, we have Jessie Hall and Harry Styles here with us today. Good afternoon,” the interviewer said, greeting us. 

We both smiled and said “hello” politely. I could tell that the audience was waiting for us to explain what Harry’s whole performance and speech was all about. 

“As you may have guessed, we’re here to talk about your new budding romance. Harry - that was quite the speech you made. So many young girls were crushed when you confessed your love to this girl. You knew the comments you would receive. What made you do it?”

“I think,” he said, pausing. “I think when you meet the right person, you’ll do anything to hold onto what you have. You’ll do whatever it takes to never lose them. And, for me, I’m in love with Jessie. This is no publicity stunt, no hoax, no joke. This is what I’m really feeling. And I screwed up our relationship before, and I knew I was losing her. So, I felt like telling the world what I felt would help me show her how much she meant to me.”

“That’s really amazing. You’re really lucky, Jessie. What were you feeling when he was saying all this?” the interviewer wondered. I took in a deep breath, thinking about the vivid memory of last night. 

“I was just in disbelief,” I replied. “I just couldn’t believe that he was saying all this. That he would risk all these consequences and backlash from his fans…for me. I’ve never had anyone make me feel that special before, and it just made me realize how much he actually loved me.”

“So, you two aren’t afraid of the hate and rude comments you might receive - particularly you, Jessie?”

“Erm, not really,” Harry said, shaking his head. “We had been getting a lot of rude comments before, when we were together, but Jessie is worth it. And I think that the real fans would be happy for us because I am really happy.”

“And,” I added on, “I think our love is absolutely strong enough to fight through.”

“Well, I have absolute faith in you two, and I hope everyone else does too.”

“Thank you,” we both said, taking each other’s hands. He intertwined his fingers with mine, and I grinned. 

“So, any piece of advice to other people in love?” the interviewer asked. 

“Trust your instincts,” Harry said. 

I nodded, knowing that my heart was my definite instinct that told me what I most wanted. And it told me that my decision was right. It was the only decision that was going to make me happy. 

“Erm, I’d have to say that you shouldn’t really jump into any relationship unless you know they’re going to catch you,” I offered, and Harry nodded. 

“Well, thank you so much for joining us, and I hope everyone’s questions were answered about the new power couple!” 

As the cameras stopped rolling and the lights dimmed, Harry and I got up, still hand in hand, and started walking out to the waiting car. 

As we got in, I leaned my head against his shoulder. 

“So, was it worth it?” Harry asked.

“What was?” I wondered. 

“The jump?”

“The jump was most definitely worth the fall.” And I meant it. 

He kissed me, and I allowed the world to melt away. I had gotten a happy ending. My prince had come and swept me off my feet, just as I had hoped. There was nothing more I could have ever asked for. 

You really can’t help who you’re in love with, and for me, Harry was an inevitable choice. I was just glad it was the best choice I had ever made. 

I just have one more piece of advice to those of you in love:

Look before you fall.

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