Look Before You Fall

This Is My First Fanfic,I Really Hope You Guys Enjoy This :D
It does have cuss words so just a warning ;)
Jess was madly in love with Harry Styles. She had been going through some issues with him. But when Harry asks Jess to open up for One Direction and come on tour with him, she finds out something that broke her heart. She also finds out that she ruined Liam's relationship with his girlfriend but might have started one with her self and Liam. And does she have 2 boys fight over her. Or 3? All Jess knows is,she needs to look before she falls in love...with anyone.


26. Chapter 25


It was eight o’clock, and the boys had left for the show. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do. 

Just stir in my thoughts? Think about Harry some more? Watch a movie? Think about Harry? 

Ugh, this was so annoying. I hated feeling like this. I popped some popcorn and decided to watch a movie. 

‘She’s the Man’ was just sitting on the coffee table, so I popped it in. It was one of my favourite movies, and this would surely take my mind off it. 

However, half an hour into the movie, my phone rang. 

It was Louis. I answered it. “Hello?”

“Jessie? Can you please come to the studio? Harry’s badly hurt.”


Harry was hurt. I could feel my heart drop, as I hung up the phone. Keys were in my hand and my coat was on as I hurried out the door. My shoes were slipping off, but I didn’t care. All I cared about was Harry and if he was alright. 

Louis had sent a car for me so I could get to the studio faster, and I jumped in. my heart was beating a million times a second, and I just wished that we could get there quicker. Every red light, pedestrian, and stop sign seemed to get in my way. 

We finally made it there, and I jumped out as quickly as I could. I yelled a ‘thanks’ to the driver and dashed through the studio doors. 

Waiting for me at the front was Louis. 

“Louis! Where’s Harry? Where is he?” I said, frantically. 

“Come on, quick,” Louis said, panicked. He took my wrist and practically dragged me through the studio. “I’m not even sure what happened. He kind of just lost himself.”

“Did he faint?” I wondered, running with him through the corridors. 

“Not yet,” he replied. Oh God, I hope he’s okay. My anger had melted away, my frustration was gone. All that I cared about was that he was okay. I sprinted down towards the doors that led to the studio. 

Lights shone brightly from up above, and my eyes desperately searched for Harry. There was a platform there, and four boys stood - not moving. I wonder if he was having a panic attack, and no one knew what to do. 

Louis dragged me right up beside the camera.

“Louis, where is he?” 

“Shhh,” he said and winked. Whoa, wait. Why did he just wink? What’s going on here? 

“We’re live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” the producer said, counting them in from the side. I stared at him in disbelief. 

If Harry was ill, why were they continuing? And why was he still on the stage? 

“Louis -“

“Listen closely, okay?” he responded, before taking his place on the stage. I stared in confusion, as a beat kicked in.

I had never heard this song before, but the tune was so slow and melodic. I felt Harry’s eyes on me. Listen closely. I heard the first few words, and it had suddenly sunk in. He was never ill or hurt. He just wanted me to hear this song.

I’m broken Do you hear me? I’m blinded Cause you are everything I see I’m dancing, alone I’m praying That your heart will just turn around

I felt my heart flutter. Did he really think about this? Did he really mean this for me? I stared at him, and it seemed like he was looking right back. His bright blue-green eyes were glistening in the light, and I couldn’t help but grin. 

When he open his arms And holds you close tonight It just won’t feel right Cause I can’t love you more than this, yeah When he lays you down, I’m not just dying inside It just don’t feel right Cause I can’t love you more than this Love you more than this

More than this. Something clicked in my mind, and all of a sudden, I realized that hewrote this song. For me. He felt every word of this. He had told me just the other day how much he loved me, and that he couldn’t love me more than he did at that moment.

He meant it for me. I felt tears rush to my eyes as I listened. I couldn’t believe any of this. The boys were all staring at me, yearningly. 

They all wanted me to choose Harry. And I think I did too. I think that’s what my heart was saying. 

Once they finished, I imagined the producers would call ‘cut’, but they didn’t. The boys weren’t looking expectantly at the producer or anything. Harry grabbed his microphone, and his hands were shaking. 

“Hi, erm, I’m Harry Styles,” he said, into the camera. What is he doing? “For those of you who know me, I’m a seventeen year old boy who doesn’t know much. But, I just wanted the UK, or the world, to know that I make mistakes almost as often as I breathe.”

I was watching him intensely. 

“And just last month, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I let the girl I love go.” His eyes were staring right at me, and I felt my heart slam against my chest. “I was so stupid and let fame get to my head. I didn’t meant to hurt her. I never wanted to. But, I did. And I can’t forgive myself for that.”

I let a tear slip from my eye and slide down my cheek. He was saying this all for me. 

“And I wrote this song for her because I love her. And I can’t love her more than this. I hope she knows that I’m never going to be able to move on without her. Jessie,” he said, choking on his words. “Please, can you come up here?”

I walked up, slowly, my legs feeling numb. 

“This is Jessica Hall. Some of you may know her as my ex-girlfriend, or Liam’s girlfriend, but she is the love of my life,” he said, turning to face me.

I looked at him, my eyes filling with compassion. He was telling everybody on live television how much I meant to him. 

“And I didn’t treat her the way she deserved to be treated. I was selfish. I didn’t think about her. But now, all I can think about is her. So,” he carried on, and this time he turned to face the camera again. “I want everyone out there to know that I love this girl. And nobody will ever change that for me. My heart will always be hers.”

I stared at him in disbelief, smiling through my tears. I probably looked terrible, but I didn’t care at all. I felt like I was being swept off my feet, my heart lifted. 

“So, Jessie, I’m so, so sorry. Can you please give me another chance?” he begged. 

I looked over at Niall and Zayn, who were smiling brightly. I took a look at Louis, who was nodding approvingly. And then, I glanced at Liam. He gave me a grin, saying he was okay. 

I  turned back to Harry. “Yes, yes - I forgive you.” 

He picked me up instantly, and I was off the ground. He spun me around, happily. As he set me down, his face was close to mine. 

“I’m going to kiss you now. Is that okay?” 

I laughed and nodded. And then he kissed me. Just pressed his lips to mine, and I had never felt more right about my decision. 

Just as Louis had said, my head and my heart quieted down. There were no longer two arguments going off in my head. No longer two voices. Just one. 

And my heart said all I wanted was Harry. 


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