Look Before You Fall

This Is My First Fanfic,I Really Hope You Guys Enjoy This :D
It does have cuss words so just a warning ;)
Jess was madly in love with Harry Styles. She had been going through some issues with him. But when Harry asks Jess to open up for One Direction and come on tour with him, she finds out something that broke her heart. She also finds out that she ruined Liam's relationship with his girlfriend but might have started one with her self and Liam. And does she have 2 boys fight over her. Or 3? All Jess knows is,she needs to look before she falls in love...with anyone.


23. Chapter 23


“Hey Liam, it’s me,” I said into the phone. 

“Hey lovely,” he said. “I’m just coming home now. You there?”

“Yeah,” I replied, sitting on my bed. I crossed my legs. My stomach was twisting, as I listened. “Look, Liam -“

“Crap!” he said, and I heard some rustling on the other end.

“Liam?” I asked, my heart rate picking up. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, sorry,” he said, clearly now. “I just dropped my phone.”

“Oh, thought it was something bad,” I said, laughing with relief. 

“Nope, just my phone falling to its death. Anyways, what were you going to tell me?” he wondered, and my heart leapt. Oh God, I had to tell him. Now. 

“Erm…” I said, my voice trailing. “I - I’ll just tell you when you get home.”

“Okay, see you in a few.”

The line went dead, and I fell back into my bed. Oh God. I chickened out. I was such a coward, and I knew it. I just took in a deep breath, and never wanted to let it out. He didn’t deserve any of this. 

“I guess you’re going to tell him,” Harry said, from the doorway. I sat up.

“What I did was wrong. Wasn’t it?”

I didn’t even need confirmation. I knew it was, but all I wanted to hear was it wasn’t entirely my fault. I needed someone to take a bit of weight off my shoulders. He came into my room and put his arm around me. 

“Yeah - but we all make mistakes. And sometimes you can’t help who you love,” he said, softly. 

That’s right. I just couldn’t help it. 

I heard the front door open from down below. “I’m home!” Liam shouted from downstairs. 

I looked over at Harry and got up. I walked out of the room, my heart racing. 

Time to face the music.


“Liam - we need to talk.”

He was just taking off his coat, when I approached him. I took in a deep breath, and he looked over at me. He was oblivious to the tension I was feeling. 

“Uh-oh, you’re not breaking up with me, are you?” he asked, teasingly. 

My heart leapt. “Why did you think that?”

He furrowed his eyebrows in perplexity, but said, “those are usually the words used when a break-up is about to happen.”

I just nodded, looking to the floor.


I didn’t look up. I was too ashamed. I couldn’t bear to look at his face. His completely confused, worried face. 

“Liam, I have to tell you. I just need to say this,” I said, shakily. He was silent, as he waited for me to continue. “I think that we need some time apart.”

He stood there, stunned. 

“Because,” I carried on, shutting my eyes, “I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t think I’m completely into this relationship, and I know you’re wonderful and amazing and I don’t deserve you. But, I just don’t think my heart’s completely in this.”

He stared. “Your heart isn’t with me, you mean.”

“Liam -“

“Is it Harry?” he asked, suddenly tensing. “Is your heart with him?”

“I’m sorry, Liam,” I said, my voice cracking. 

“It’s Harry, isn’t it?”

He wasn’t going to let that go. I had to tell him. I had to answer truthfully. “Yes, Liam. It’s Harry. I know that he treated me like crap, and he cheated on me, and just let fame get to his head.”

“Then, why?” His voice was cold. He folded his arms across his chest. 

I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. “Because, I don’t know. I just can’t seem to let go of him. No matter how hard I try to forget, Harry will always be there. He’ll always be in my heart.”

“No, no Jess, it will just take time,” he said, stepping towards me. 

“No, Liam. I don’t think time will help,” I said, looking up at him. His eyes pierced through mine, the hurt evident. “Nothing can help this. I love him. I know it sounds awful that I’m in love with someone who hurt me. But, I can’t help it. I love Harry. And it will always be Harry.”

“Jess, I honestly think you just need time to think. And I understand. I’ll wait -“

“Liam, I kissed Harry.” I just needed to stop him. Stop the hope he had in his voice because that just made this that much harder. It just made me feel even worse about myself, and I couldn’t bear to see him like this. To see him put his heart in something that wasn’t going to work. 

“You what?” he shouted. “You kissed him?” He widened his eyes in shock. 

At that moment, Harry and Louis walked downstairs. The worst time in the world. Liam raced over to him, grabbing Harry’s shirt collar aggressively. 

“Hey, hey!” Louis said, reasonably. “What are you doing?”

“You kissed my girlfriend? What the fuck, Harry? How could you do that to me?” he yelled, inches away from his face. 

“I’m sorry!” he pleaded. “Seriously, man, I didn’t mean to make a mess of anything.”

“Yeah, well apologies don’t cut it!” He raised his fist, but before he could make the blow, Louis was there. 

He separated them with impressive force, and both boys stood apart. 

“No, Louis, let him hit me! I deserve it,” Harry said, raising his voice. “I deserve it for everything.”

“Oh, shut up,” Louis said, shaking his head. 

I couldn’t bear to see this happen. Why was Harry taking the blame? “Liam, stop! I was the one who initiated the kiss, okay? It wasn’t Harry! It was me!”

We stood in stunned silence for a moment. He stared at me, his eyes widening with shock. I could see the fury building up in his mind. 

“You did? You - what? How could you do this to me? With him?” He was outraged. He looked over at Harry in absolute astonishment. 

“I’m so sorry, Liam. I really am. You don’t deserve any of this,” I pleaded, stepping towards him. 

“I can’t believe you. You kissed him while we were still together. I saw how hurt you were when he cheated on you. I never thought you’d do that to me. It hurt you too much. It hurt me when Steph did it. I never thought you’d put me through that.”

Oh my God. I completely forgot about that. I had done the exact same thing Harry did to me. I had hurt him, like his ex-girlfriend hurt him. I killed his trust. 

“Liam, I didn’t mean to. I’m so, so sorry,” I said, feeling tears rush to my eyes. 

“And you cheated on me with that jerk?” he asked, frustrated. “Do you even know what he did?” 

I looked over at Harry, confused. “What did he do?”

“Liam, don’t,” Louis said firmly. 

“Remember when he told that world that he was single?” Liam asked, ignoring him. “Yeah, well, Simon didn’t tell him to do that! He did it all on his own!” 

“Liam, stop it!” Harry said, struggling to get out of Louis’ grasp. “Please!”

What was he not telling me? What happened that he didn’t want me knowing? 

“All these girls were throwing themselves at him! He just couldn’t resist,” Liam carried on, in anger. “But, everyone knew he had a girlfriend. All the girls thought he didn’t want to do anything with them, so they showed less interest.”

I swallowed the large lump in my throat, desperately hoping this wasn’t going where I thought it was. 

“Liam, shut up!” Louis said, warningly. But, Liam ignored him. 

“He was always going to cheat on you, Jess. He wanted the girls, so that’s why he said he was single. He was too tempted. And he never thought you would find out. Louis forced him to invite you on the tour so that he’d feel bad about everything.”

My heart just dropped. He was going to cheat on me. Always. He wasn’t missing me. He just wanted the girls all this time. He loved the attention. He was never going to tell me. 

“He was going to break up with you. But, Louis convinced him. Convinced him that he’d regret it once he saw you again.” 

Liam finished speaking, leaving me to process everything that had just been said. My head turned to face Harry, who was looking at me with apologetic eyes. 

But I didn’t fall for that. Not anymore. This was it. He had finally, completely destroyed my heart. He had broken all we had, and I don’t think I could ever piece it together. There were too many remnant shattered on the floor. 

I stormed up to him, enraged. Furious didn’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. I felt played. I felt like I wasn’t good enough for anyone anymore. 

I slapped him, right across his left cheek. I had never done that to anyone, but he needed to know. He needed to know what it felt like. How much pain he had caused me. 

“Fuck you. We’re done, Harry. Forever.”

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