Look Before You Fall

This Is My First Fanfic,I Really Hope You Guys Enjoy This :D
It does have cuss words so just a warning ;)
Jess was madly in love with Harry Styles. She had been going through some issues with him. But when Harry asks Jess to open up for One Direction and come on tour with him, she finds out something that broke her heart. She also finds out that she ruined Liam's relationship with his girlfriend but might have started one with her self and Liam. And does she have 2 boys fight over her. Or 3? All Jess knows is,she needs to look before she falls in love...with anyone.


18. Chapter 18


Sitting at the table in the tour bus was quite boring. Especially when Liam was off talking to Niall and ignoring me, Harry had brought Madison along, and Zayn was talking to some girl on the phone. I scrolled through my tweets, and it had looked like I had become way more popular in the past few weeks we were on tour.

My songs on iTunes were selling out like mad, radio stations had been playing it, and people kept tweeting and following me. 

I was now up to 300,235 followers - impressed with myself.

I was trying to reply to as many tweets as I could. Especially the random ones like:

onedirectionlove @JessieHall Did @Louis_Tomlinson poke you with carrots every time @Harry_Styles paid more attention to you?

JessieHall @onedirectionlove Yes, of course he did. He always bought huge carrots just so he could poke me.

It was just amusing. Louis and I got a huge chuckle out of it. 

I heard someone come into the section where I was, and it was Louis. He took a seat next to me. 

“Did you try talking to Liam again?” he wondered.

“I’ve tried a thousand times. He doesn’t want to talk to me. I don’t blame him either.” I groaned, leaning back on my chair.

“Well, we have an interview right when we get into our next city. They’re going to ask you about the whole falling asleep on Harry thing. And you and Liam have to seem like everything is just fine in paradise.”

“Yeah, well, I’ll act like nothing’s wrong. I just hope he does.”

“He will,” he reassured me. “So, have you talked to Harry lately?”

“No. Not since the whole incident. Plus, he brought along Madison. He has a girlfriend, and he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. He’s moved on, Louis. I guess I should try too.”

“Weren’t you the one who told him to move on?”

“Yes. But, I guess I didn’t realize how much it would hurt when he actually did,” I said, sighing. It was true. I never knew that my heart broke even more when I saw him with another girl. “And I don’t think Madison is too fond of me either.”

“I wouldn’t worry about her,” he said, chuckling. “No girl is going to like her boyfriend’s ex, where they caught them sleeping together.”

He had a point there.

The tour bus seemed to come to a stop and I looked outside my window. Manchester was beautiful. We walked off the bus and were immediately greeted by cameras and fans. 

Signing autographs and talking to fans were fun. I smiled at everyone, and they all thanked me for everything.

After fifteen minutes, we were whisked away into a van to take us to the studios to get interviewed. 

Moments later, my makeup was all done, hair intact, and I was waiting for the camera to roll. 

“So,” the interviewer said, starting up. “Before we get into any of the light and fluffy stuff, we have a serious matter at hand.”

My stomach twisted. I knew what was coming. 

“Liam, are you broken up with Jessie now that she and Harry had a secret meeting?” he asked, leaning forward.

To my great surprise, Liam took my hand and squeezed it. “Nope, we are still going strong.”

“Really? You weren’t at all mad?”

“No, the media had a miscommunication.”

“How so?” he asked, turning to me. Oh, right. It was my turn to speak.

“Harry and I are just friends. We had broken up, and I am with Liam, yes. But, we were best friends to begin with, even before the X-Factor, so we still wanted to maintain our friendship. We went to have a picnic - like we used to - and we just ended up falling asleep.”

Wow, that seemed very convincing. Maybe because it was true. But apart of the truth was that we still loved each other.

“Is that true, Harry?”

“Every word,” he said, glancing over at me.

I looked towards the camera, and behind there was standing a very judging Madison. She was glaring at me, and her arms were folded across her chest. 


The interview was finished, and the boys and I walked backstage. I wanted to talk to Liam - to see if he meant what he said or if it was all an act. 

However, he left without a word to get some fresh air outside. I thought it was best to just give him his space.

“Convincing story.” 

I turned around to see Harry standing there. He had a small smile on his face. “Well it was true,” I said, evenly.

“Oh come on, even I know it’s a lie. You know we still have something,” he said, softly. “Something no one can stop, Jess.”

“Well, you need to push it down,” I told him, firmly. “Because I’m not going to get involved in this whole situation again. The moment we had by the lake was incredible and thank you for saying all those things to me. But, we can’t do this anymore. We seriously need to stop this whole chemistry between us before I hurt Liam even worse than I did now.”

“You’re right.”

“So, just focus on your girlfriend,” I said, shakily. “And let go.”

He stared at me, his eyes full of hurt. Like he’d never be able to let go. Like the thought of letting go was insane. But he said so himself that he had to. And that I had to. 

“Guys,” Liam said, coming through the door, “Simon just invited us to his exclusive charity event in Manchester. You can all bring a date. And Jessie, we have to go together.”

Have to? Ouch, that hurt. I just simply nodded. Madison came over and squealed with delight, planting a kiss on Harry’s lips. 

I rolled my eyes and looked the other way. My heart yearned to give in to Harry, to give into everything he was saying. I wanted to believe that he still loved me and wanted to be with me, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t be a hypocrite.

I had to let go.

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