Look Before You Fall

This Is My First Fanfic,I Really Hope You Guys Enjoy This :D
It does have cuss words so just a warning ;)
Jess was madly in love with Harry Styles. She had been going through some issues with him. But when Harry asks Jess to open up for One Direction and come on tour with him, she finds out something that broke her heart. She also finds out that she ruined Liam's relationship with his girlfriend but might have started one with her self and Liam. And does she have 2 boys fight over her. Or 3? All Jess knows is,she needs to look before she falls in love...with anyone.


12. Chapter 12


I might as well ask him. He’s helped me with zippers multiple times. It was just a little embarrassing. 

I nodded my head. “Just need your help zipping up my dress.”

“Sure.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and pushed him teasingly. He walked towards me and spun me around. 

I felt his hands at my zipper, grazing my bare back. Tiny electric shots sent through my body. This wasn’t supposed to be happening. I tried to compose myself. He was so close to me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I couldn’t help but feel the intensity and pull we had towards each other. 

I turned around. “Thank you,” I whispered.

“Anything for you,” he replied. His face was inches away from mine. His lips were right there. I took a deep breath. I couldn’t do this. But I couldn’t pull myself away.

It was quite the dilemma. 

“You look beautiful,” he said. I looked into his blue-green eyes - the eyes I had stared at for so many times, for so many hours. The eyes I lost myself in whenever I was with him. Always sparkling. 

“Thank you,” I responded. He lifted his hand and brushed a strand of hair out of my face. I suddenly felt self-conscious. This shouldn’t be happening. 

“You know, that’s the dress you wore on our one year anniversary,” he said, smiling at the memory. 

I remembered it vividly. “You took me to the O2 and made me sit on the stool on the stage, and then you sang ‘You Are So Beautiful’ to me. All the lights were flashing, sparks started raining down. I remember.”

“And I told you I loved you.”

“And you told me that we were forever.”

I suddenly felt tears blur my vision. I looked away from him, trying to compose myself. How come he had so much power over me? He always managed to do this to me. To make me fall for him all over again. 

“Jess, I still believe we are forever,” he spoke, softly. “You are so beautiful to me. And you’re everything I need. Don’t give up on us yet.”

We stood in silence. I had no clue what to say at all. So much of me wanted to just fall into his arms, to hear that everything was going to be okay, and just stay there for the rest of my life. But there was that little part of me that Harry and I wouldn’t be able to work it out. That my heart was going to break all over again. 

“I spent so much time piecing myself back together. I just don’t want to shatter back to tiny pieces,” I said, blinking back tears. He sighed, nodding. He knew how much he had hurt me. And I knew how much I had been hurt. I never wanted to go back to that again. 

“I love you, Jess. And I want you to know that I never wanted to hurt you.”

All of a sudden, there was a shout from downstairs. “Jess! Liam’s waiting for you!”

Louis was at the bottom of the stairs yelling up. I sighed, stepping away from Harry. It was like a realization that we just couldn’t do what we were doing right now. Without another word, I walked down and to the front door.

“You look pretty,” Louis commented, smiling. I grinned in reply and walked out of their flat. 

Liam - in the most gorgeous black suit, dress shirt, and tie - stood there, with a red rose in his hand. He thrust it towards me, and I took it gratefully. I leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips.

We climbed into the waiting car, and Liam held my hand tightly. “Ready for a good night?” he asked, smiling. 

“Ready.” I nodded, trying to focus on him - my real, sweet, and kind boyfriend. But I just couldn’t. 

All I could see was Harry.

Liam and I sat at the dinner table of the most fanciest restaurant in the city. Such posh and glamorous people went here - none making a big deal out of the fact that I was sitting here with one fifth of One Direction. I tried desperately to focus on the topic he was discussing with me, which seemed to be about their new single. But I really wanted to think about Harry.

Bad. I know.

“So, yeah, Louis passed me the football, and I hit it to hard. It flew into the orange van and smashed the window,” he said, laughing. I chuckled along with him. 

“That’s hilarious,” I told him. I felt so guilty for not giving him the proper attention he deserved but some thoughts just couldn’t be ignored.

“Did I ever tell you how beautiful you looked?”

“You might have mentioned it once or twice,” I teased. 

“Well, let me just say that you are honestly so beautiful to me.”

I winced at that. That’s what Harry had basically just said - in those words - about me not an hour ago. I tried to smile thankfully, and he took my hand from across the table. 

“Seriously,” he replied. 

“Thank you,” I whispered. “And you look very handsome yourself.”

It was a nice, peaceful, and quiet moment. But that didn’t last for too long. Much to my surprise, someone burst through the door of the elegant restaurant on an angry rampage. The person who just stormed through was a girl. She looked familiar. I had seen her somewhere. Some picture, some website. Something…

She was wearing jeans and an oversized t-shirt, with converse. Not something fitting for a posh place like this. She was heading straight over to our table. Her face was red with fury.

“Er - Liam, do you know her?” I asked, taking my hand away from his. 

He turned around in his seat and then his jaw dropped. He gave a loud gasp, making others stare at us from the tables beside us. It appeared to be raining outside, and the girl was soaked.

“Steph?” he asked, astonished.

Liam’s ex-girlfriend.

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