A poem inspired by the Jubilee


1. Queenie


Dreams of becoming 'Her Highness' rode proudly upon a cloud-pigeon's shoulders, the significant chief who spread battered wings  before his flock of followers, each minute cherry heart,  pounding with determination to spread the Jubilee girl's message  across distant lands, her perhaps childish idea couldn't possibly be written on paper scraps, fastened as a tag to clawed feet, but is memorised within the cells of all fast-fliers indebted to a child's kind words, and devout bread crumb feeding.   Living vicariously beneath  a polished royal crown, our little regal dreamer continued watching deep into the abyss of cerulean sky, lost in her curious thoughts of how she would rule as Queen,  and what her loyal kingdom  would think of her silken turquoise robes!   A secretive smile gently touched her young blushed lips, as her flea-bitten feathered troupe became a reflection in her lovely hazel eyes, they flew heartily within the burnt chestnut glow of her irises, leaving mere tail feathers as proof of their journey to spread her cause.
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