Gotta Be You

Jade and her best friend Sabrina have just graduated high school. Sabrina originally was born in England, but moved to America with her dad when she was 6, when her parents had divorced. Unfortunatley, her brother Harry, decided to stay in England with his Mom. In America, she met her best friend Jade. They have decided to move to England so that she can see Harry. Jade and Harry have never met before, especially since he was the Harry Styles from One Direction, but she has heard much about him. When Harry first see's her it was love at first sight, but she had just gotten out of a rough relationship, and didn't want Harry, but he is determined to get her. Will she push him away, or completley fall for him?


14. The Finding

                                                                                            Jade's P.O.V.

".....10". Our feet left the side of the bridge, I could feel the wind whipping against my face as gravity forced us down into the cold water. I took at deep breath, opening my eyes once more to find everyone looking at eachother. 'Splash' We all went under, the current was strong, we had no control. I looked around to find everyone's eyes still closed, I find their bodies, motionless, being carried by the current. I wanted to scream, I wanted to help, but the river was to strong. All of a sudden I felt something hard hit my head, and before I knew it, I drifted into a sea of darkness..

                                                                    Harry's P.O.V.

They jumped! I sprinted over to the spot where they once were, I looked over the ledge to see where they had landed. I saw long brown hair go by, it was Jade. "JADE! NO!" I yelled. I fell to my knees, sobbing uncontrollably. "Eleanor!" Louis yelled. "Eleanor! No El! NO!" he screamed. I looked over to Perrie, who was right next to Louis, looking down, still crying.

"Danielle?" Liam yelled. "Danielle, please come up!" he yelled, tears starting to stream down his face.

"SABRINA! Please princess, surface! Please!" Niall yelled. They all fell to the ground, Zayn started to cry and walked over to Perrie. I could hear their conversation.

"H-H-How could I let them jump?! I couldn't help, they wouldn't listen!" she yelled, still sobbing.

"Shhh, everything is alright babygirl" Zayn said, trying to comfort her.

"I should have gone with them! They wouldn't let me go! But I wouldn't have listened!" she yelled.

"Listen to me, I don't want you to ever jump off of that bridge. Do you hear me?" he asked. She just nodded. I was still crying, how was I so stupid! I shouldn't have told Jade that! I loved her, and now I lost her AND my sister. I could never get her back. I regret everything that I did, I didn't know that she would jump, now she was gone.

                                                                   Danielle's P.O.V.

I opened my eyes, I looked at my surroundings. It looked like we were in some kind of woods, trees everywhere, crickets chirping. My body trembled, then I remebered. I had just jumped off a bridge with Eleanor, Sabrina, and Jade. The boys....they were coming for us. Liam...oh my gosh Liam....he must think that I'm dead, he must be heartbroken, some girlfriend I am. I tried my best to stand up, but I was shaking so bad that I just fell back to the ground. I tried one more time, still didn't succeed. I crawled over to a nearby tree and used it for support, I finally got to my feet. I looked around, not a sign of the rest of the girls. "Eleanor!" I yelled. "Eleanor!" still no reply. I started to walk, my wrist really hurt, I must have sprained it due to the impact. "Eleanor!" I yelled.

"Dani" I heard a faint whisper say. I looked over a saw Eleanor sitting up, her back against a tree. I ran over to her, pulling her into a hug.

"Oh thank goodness your OK" I said, thankful that at least I found one girl that was alive.

"Danielle, where are Jade and Sabrina?" she asked. JADE AND SABRINA! They were the one's that took the most impact. I remember that as we were falling, they pulled us up a little farther, so they had the most weight on them, which means the river hit them harder. I helped Eleanor to her feet, she started to whine about her ankle. She must have a sprained ankle, I helped her along.

"Sabrina!" I yelled. I looked around the dense forest, not a sound. That's when I saw here, still unconsious, laying in the dirt away from the river. "Sabrina!" I ran as fast as I could with Eleanor still by my side. I kneeled down next to her, I shook her. "Sabrina? Please Sabrina wake up!" I said, just then her eyes fluttered open. "SABRINA!" I yelled, hugging her tightly, so did El.

"Where's Jade?" she asked. Jade....where was she. I left Eleanor with Sabrina while I looked for Jade. "Jade? Jade?!" I yelled. Just then I saw my cell phone, I threw it into the woods somewhere when we were about to jump. I ran to it and quickly dialed Liam's number. It rang three times before someone picked up.

"Hello?" a groggy british accent said into the phone.

"Liam?" I said.

"Danielle? DANIELLE! Oh my gosh guys it's Danielle! She's ok!" I heard from the other end. "Danielle, why d..." I cut him off.

"Liam, no time for questions, we are in the woods by the bridge. Come and find us." I said.

"Alright, I love you Danielle" he said.

"I love you too, bye" I said while hanging up, I went back to Eleanor and Sabrina. "The guys are coming." I said. They just nodded, we waited about a half an hour when we heard yelling.

"Danielle?! Danielle!" I heard.

"Over here!" I yelled back. Just then I saw five boys standing there, with Perrie too.

"DANIELLE!" I heard Liam scream as he ran over to me and wrapped me in a warm hug, he kissed me.

"I'm sorry Liam" I said.

"No, no, no don't worry about it. Just don't EVER do it again." he replied.

"ELEANOR!" Louis said while running to El.

"Be careful, she has a sprained ankle." I said. He nodded and helped her up kissing her and hugging her.

"What did you hurt? Are you hurt?" Liam asked.

"I have a sprained wrist, nothing to urgent." I said. I looked over at Niall as he ran to Sabrina's side.

"Sabrina?" he said, tears streaming down his face.

"Niall..." she said, staring at the sky.

"Sabrina, I didn't cheat on you, I was picking you up for our date when a whole bunch of fans asked for autographs and pictures. I took some pictures with them and they all left except for one. She was crazy, she kissed me, I tried to pull away put she wouldn't let me, then you walked out" he said. Sabrina looked at him.

"Really?" he nodded his head. "I forgive you Nialler, just please help me up" she said. He helped her up and he kissed her. I looked over at Harry, with his tear stained face, frantically looking around.

"Where's Jade?" he asked.

"I-I-We don't know" I said. He looked at me wide eyed.

"JADE!" he yelled. He started to walk away, we followed. "Jade!" we all yelled. That's when I saw it...

                                                                     Harry's P.O.V.

"Harry!" Danielle yelled. I looked over and saw it. I saw Jade, lying motionless on the riverbank, the water splashing over her. I ran to her side, looking at her beautiful face.

"Jade! Jade! Wake up please! Jade!" I yelled, shaking her. I knew CPR so I tried it. I put my mouth on hers, and started to put air into her. After trying, no luck. I tried to find a pulse, I found it, put it was very small. She was still unconcious, all I wanted was for those eyes to open up at look up at me, telling me that she is ok, but they never did. "Jade please!" I pleaded.  I quickly called an ambulance, I layed down next to her. "Jade...." I said, tears forming. I kissed her cheek, then I scooped her up bridal style and rushed her back to the bridge, everyone followed. I heard a siren and flashing lights, I saw the ambulance coming. I placed Jade down on the ground and waved them over.

                                                                    Sabrina's P.O.V.

 When Harry set Jade down on the side I let go of Niall and limped over to her. I sat down next to her, staring at her. "Jade? Jade I'm so sorry, y-you didn't deserve this. It's all my fault, you may never open your eyes again and it's all my fault. Please, wake up....." I looked at her, her eyes didn't open. "I can't live without you, I love you, your my sister, please don't leave us." Just then the perametics came and picked Jade up. They carried her off into the ambulance, I limped into the ambulance too. Harry was already in there, crying his eyes out. He really loved her, and I let this happen to her. There was a reason why I jumped off of that bridge, but nobody would believe me. I stood by her the whole ride there. We finally arrived, they rushed her in. The doctors took Danielle, Eleanor and I into the office to get our injuries looked at. We came back out and sat in the waiting room.

I looked at everyone's faces, they were all full of sadness. Everyone let the tears roll down their cheeks. It was about 20 more minutes before a doctor came out. "Styles?" she asked. Harry and I stood up. "Which one?"

"Both, what's wrong?" Harry asked. Everyone was staring.

"Well, it seems as though Jade hit her head pretty hard, she has a concussion." Everybody was hanging onto every word that she was saying. "It's undetermined if she will make it." she said. We all looked at her. That means that...she could...die?!

"I wanna see her" I said.

"Okay, right this way" she led us to her hospital room.

                                                                  Harry's P.O.V.

I walked in to find Jade laying on the hospital bed, her eyes still closed, her face still as beautiful as ever. I pulled up a chair and sat next to her, grabbing onto her hand. I could hear the heart monitor going 'beep....beep...beep' which is a good sign. I looked at her, everyone standing behind me. "Jade, please wake up" didn't move an inch.

"Jade. Why did you do it? I wanted to make things right. I was so stupid to say that to you! Your not an idiot, or a gold digger, or worthless. Your my girl, your my kitten. I've wanted to say this ever since I met you. Jade....I lo" I was cut off by the sound that I never wanted to hear. I looked up at the heart monitor. 'Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp'

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