Gotta Be You

Jade and her best friend Sabrina have just graduated high school. Sabrina originally was born in England, but moved to America with her dad when she was 6, when her parents had divorced. Unfortunatley, her brother Harry, decided to stay in England with his Mom. In America, she met her best friend Jade. They have decided to move to England so that she can see Harry. Jade and Harry have never met before, especially since he was the Harry Styles from One Direction, but she has heard much about him. When Harry first see's her it was love at first sight, but she had just gotten out of a rough relationship, and didn't want Harry, but he is determined to get her. Will she push him away, or completley fall for him?


12. The Breakups

                                                                                       Jade's P.O.V.

Louis drove us back to his and Harry's flat. We walked up and he opened the door, inviting me in. I was about to sit on the couch, when Louis grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into one of the bedrooms. "Whats going on?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" I replied, trying to act confused.

"Something is wrong, tell me. I really need to know." he said. I just sighed.

"My ex-boyfriend is here" I said. Louis just stared at me, a confused look on his face.

"But wasn't he in.." I cut him off.

"Yes, he was in America. Yes, he did find me. No, I don't know how. And yes, he came because he wants me back. Happy now?" I said while plopping on the bed, putting my head in my hands. Louis walked over and sat next to me. He pulled me into a tight hug, stroking my hair, whispering calming things in my ear. He really was a great friend to have, but that's when Harry walked in. He froze in his place, giving Louis a death stare.

"What do you think your doing?!" he yelled. I looked up and saw the jeleousy on his face. "What are you doing with MY girlfriend?" he shouted.

"Harry he was just.." I was cut off.

"Why were you getting so cuddly with her? Are you trying to steal her away? You have Eleanor! I really don't like how..." I cut him off.

"Harry!! He was just comforting me! It's nothing to worry about" I said while wrapping my arms around his neck. He turned bright red.

"Oh, ok. I'm sorry Louis" he said. Louis just nodded, I gave Harry a peck on the cheek and went to the living room."

"I think I should go home. Bye Louis, bye Harry!" I said while walking out. That's when I heard Harry's voice from down the hallway.

"TEXT ME! PLEASE STAY SAFE!" he yelled. "I WILL HARRY!" I yelled back. I started to walk back to my flat. The sky had cleared up so it was sunny again. I bumped into someone and dropped my things. "Oh sorry" I said while bending down to pick up my things."

"It's ok Jade" I heard. Oh-No.

                                                                Sabrina's P.O.V.

Niall and I had another date, we were going to the movies. I wore a peach colored tank top, skinny jeans and black flats. I sat down and waited for Niall. *Hour Later* He was an hour late! An hour! I tried texting him, calling him, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I got up off the couch and walked out of our flat. I walked out of the place where we were staying and saw it. I saw Niall, except he wasn't alone, he was kissing another girl. My heart broke in two, how could I have been so stupid. I just stood there, frozen. I was to shocked to speak, I just kept my eyes locked on him. I finally managed to talk. "N..N..Niall?" I said. His head snapped in my direction, his face fell. His eyes were filled with guilt, he just looked at me.

"Sabrina...umm...this.." I cut him off."

"How could you?"

"Sabrina I.." I ran away from him. My vision went blurry with tears, how could he do this. "Sabrina! Wait!" Niall yelled, running after me. I just kept running, but he caught up to me. He stopped me in my tracks.

"Just leave me alone Niall!" I yelled.

"It wasn't what it looked like." he said.

"Oh, so you weren't just kissing that girl? You weren't an hour late for our movie date? That's pathetic Niall. Just never talk to me again." I said while running away again. I couldn't deal with this.

                                                               Jade's P.O.V.

I looked up to see Nathan standing over me. I quickly got up, looking at him. "What do you want from me Nathan? We are never going to get back together, so just give it up!" I said, storming off. He caught up to me, stopping me."

"Can we at least discuss this over coffee?" he asked. I reluctantly nodded, walking to Starbucks with him. We had to cross a busy road, so he grabbed my hand. "Be Careful!" he said. I took my hand out of his grasp.

"I think I'm old enough to cross a road by myself thank you very much" I snapped, walking ahead of him. We were right in front of Starbucks, that's when he stopped me. He put his hand on my cheek.

"I really have missed you. But, I now see that you are never going to give me another chance. So, I'm going back to America. I'm really sorry for what I did to you, and I will regret it for the rest of my life." he said. I just stared into his eyes. I could see that they were full of hurt, I quickly kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for understanding, goodbye Nathan" I said before walking away. I was on my way back when I bumped into Sabrina. She was balling her eyes out. "Sabrina, oh my gosh what happened?" I asked. She didn't tell me anything, she just hugged me and cried into my shirt. I took her arm and we walked back to our flat. I unlocked the door and put her down on the couch. "Now, tell me, what happened?" I asked.

"N...N...N...Niall..c..cheated" she managed to get out. My mouth dropped open, Niall?! Niall loved Sabrina, why would he do that to her. It was starting to get late so I put Sabrina to bed. I called Harry.

"Hello?" I heard a husky british accent say through the phone.

"Hey Harry"

"Hey kitten, what's up?"

"What's up? Niall broke Sabrina's heart. He cheated on her.." I said.

"WHAT?!" he yelled into the phone. "Alright well I'm glad your ok, but I have to go give Niall a piece of my mind, so bye" he said.

"Ok, bye" I hung up the phone and got changed and went to bed.    


I woke up to my phone buzzing, it was a text from Harry. "Come to my flat asap"

I quickly got changed and walked over to his flat. I knocked on the door and Louis opened it. "Hi Louis!" I said. He just shook his head and invited me in. I walked in to find Harry on the couch, staring at a magazine. 'Hey Harry" I said.

"Don't 'Hey Harry' me" he said coldly. I looked at him confused. He looked up and I could see that he was tearing up. "What is this?!" he said while throwing the magazine down. I picked it up and saw Nathan and I on the cover. I was kissing his cheek, the headline reading 'Jade cheating on Harry?' "Is it true?" he asked.

"Of course not! I would never cheat on you" I said as calmly as I could.

"Then why are you kissing his cheek?" he yelled. I never heard him yell.

"He is going back to America Harry! It was just a little kiss, it didn't mean anything!" I yelled back.

"I don't believe that"

"Well, it's true."

"You know what Jade, you are probably just lying. You are probably just saying that so that I won't break up with you, just because I'm a big star. If you think that, then you are just as idiotic as I thought you were." he yelled back. Tears pricked my eyes, did he really just say that?

"Harry! What's wrong with you?!" Louis shouted. That's when he realized what he said. His face softened, and he stared at me.

"Kitten.." he was reaching for my hand but I jerked away.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I yelled. He was starting to tear up. "You know what Harry, I may have been idiotic when I kissed Nathan on the cheek, but I was even more idiotic for going out with you. I thought that you said that you would never hurt me, you promised! But I know one thing, I may be idiotic in some things, but I'm smart when it comes to when I just need to walk away." I said, tears rolling down my face.

"No Jade..please.." Harry pleaded.

"We're over Harry." I said while storming out of the flat. How was I so stupid! This is all just to much to handle.

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