Moment in time❤❤❤

If you think about it one moment can change your life forever...... Karrissa is a beautiful , normal girl that is 18 and loves to hang out with her friends but when her best friend ally gets two tickets to see one direction and falls in love with one of the boys will her life change.

Authors note :this is my first time sorry comments and likes are greatly apreciated but plz no hate!!!


1. Roommate

Nobody P OV:
Karrissa is a beautiful girl all her friends call her karri she has curly blond hair that falls just beneath her shoulders and lovely light blue eye ,she has a great figure and a perfect smile. Her best friend ally is also amazing with straight brown hair natural hightlights and sea green eyes. Karri and Ally were going to buy a house together and be roommates as they are both currently staying at their parents . With no luck they are beginning to get frusterated so to let off some stem they decided to go to the mall. They drove to the mall and went to all their favorite stores like aero postale and thousands of others They now have five completely full bags of clothes and accessories each they were starving and wanted something to eat . After they finally choose where they wanted to go the bags were getting so heavy so they dropped them of in the car and by the time they got back the line up was almost out the door. They finally got their food when ally's phone ringed she was walking to the table when bumped into some body and spilled the entire plate on the floor. A muscular person turned around and to ally's surprise it was Liam from one direction, ally apologized and Liam forgave her and helped her clean up when it was all cleaned up they said goodbye and ally told karri all about what had just happened she had to share karri's food since hers was dumped on the floor but ally still wouldn't shut up and stop talking about liam they finally finished and drove to ally's house for a party tonight they put on some of the stuff they bought when they were out shopping and watched tv until it was time to leave.
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