One in a Million

Emma has always been a fan of one direction since the moment she laid eyes on them. Then her dream finally came true, to go to a one direction concert! As the boys run on stage, Emma notices Niall looking her way. Could Niall have found his princess?


3. Signing Time!

Emma's P.O.V.

It was the morning after the concert and I was lying in bed when I heard my phone go off. I got it off my dresser. It read,"1 new message" I opened the message. It was from Niall. It read,"hi Emma! I have the details for the signing. It's at 2 this afternoon at lambton mall. Hope you can make it!! -Niall"

I got out of bed and showered, when I got out I dried my hair and picked out something to wear. I picked out a blue spaghetti strap dress with a grey cover-up over top. I put my hair up into a side braid and brushed out by bangs. I put on some make-up and grabbed my purse.

"I'm going to the mall!" I shouted down the hall.

I was still pretty shocked that Niall Horan himself invited me Emma Herron to one of his signings. Once I got there was millions of crazed fans waiting to get just a glimpse of them. Then one if their body guards took me to where the boys are.

"hey Emma!" shouted Niall once he noticed me.

Niall came to give me a hug and quickly introduced me to the other boys and led me to a chair to sit in to wait until they were done. I kept on hearing snooty comments from girls saying, why is she there? I got a dirty look from one of the girls so I gave her a, get a move on smile. When they were done the boys all came to shake my hand and asked me if I wanted to go to their hotel room and hang out for while. I said sure. We all got up and I got in my car to follow them to the hotel.

When we got their, Niall seemed very excited. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards the door.
Their room is a complete mess. Clothes were everywhere and dishes were piled in the sink. I sat on one of the two sofas and Niall sat next to me. He all the boys came us to sit down and Harry turned on the tv. But Niall looked rather sad.

"are you alright Niall?" I asked looking rather worried.

Niall's P.O.V

Emma asked me if I was ok. I didnt know if I should say yes or no. So I grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the other room so I could talk to her alone. I cleared my throat before speaking.,

" I'm just a little upset about when ever we go to a signing. All the fans ask for the boys for a hug or a picture and I'm kind of just that guy sitting with them that no body cares about."

I tried to talk with out tearing up. Then, Emma gave me a nice long hug. I could stay like this forever.

"don't worry about it. Those girls are just jealous of you. They just want to be you. But all their being is sellfish."

Emma's words really cheered me up. She gave me one more hug before going back to the other room.

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