One in a Million

Emma has always been a fan of one direction since the moment she laid eyes on them. Then her dream finally came true, to go to a one direction concert! As the boys run on stage, Emma notices Niall looking her way. Could Niall have found his princess?


1. So excited

Emma's POV

"AAHHHH!" I screamed as I ran up the stairs to get ready.
"I can't believe it! I'm actually going to a one direction concert!!

I have always loved one direction! And my mom finally realized that I really want to meet them. So she surprised me with one direction concert tickets.

"what am I going to wear?"

I finally picked out what I was going to wear. I decided on a sparkly pink tank top with short jean shorts and black flats.

"Are you coming Emma?"

My mom called up the stairs with her shoes already on waiting at the door. You could tell she wanted to get this over with.

"coming!" I yelled back down.

I ran down the stairs and put my shoes on. We went outside and into the van.

"do we have to take the van? It's so smelly and old."
It really is smelly but it was the only car available. Of course my dad had to take the convertible for his trip.
After the two hour drive, we were finally there. I raced out the car screaming at my mom to hurry up. In the building I decided to buy a one direction sweat shirt.

I think we got really good seats. We were in the third row right in the middle. We could see the stage perfectly.
Then, the opening video started. I was screaming like heck! Then, 5...4...3...2...1!! The boys raced out one by one. I was screaming so loud I started to get dirty looks from other moms. Including my mom. But I didn't care. Anyone would be screaming if they were a huge one direction fan. They started to sing what makes you beautiful. My faveourite song! I was jumping up and down singing along when I noticed Niall looking in my direction while Harry was singing his solo.

After the concert was finished, we made our way to the van blabbering about how amazing it was when I heard an Irish accent yelling, "wait!" I turned around to see Niall James Horan!
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