Daddy Direction

Ashton has always loved One Direction, but she particularly fancied Liam. All she could think about was his hair, his smile and his heart. She gets tickets to a concert and VIP passes. She's going to meet One Direction.


2. Meet and Greet

Ashley's POV

The concert ended. A security guard escorted me and Kaylee backstage. We had 4 hours with One Direction. I had 4 hours with Liam Payne. Finally they walked in. They looked amazing.

Liam's POV

I walked backstage. I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen before. Even more beautiful than my ex, Danielle. "Hi, Liam. I'm Ashton." Ashton. What a beautiful name. "Hello Ashton. Nice to meet you." I replied. Her friend was chatting with Lou. Well, more like flirting with Lou. "I'm hungry." Niall stated. "What's new?" said Zayn. "Could we go to Nandos?" Ashton asked me. "Sure! Let's go." I told her. We got into her car.

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