Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


6. Tricks again

It was 11am the next day. I hand't changed. I just waited, waited for them to come home. The minutes ticked by. They still hadn't come. I checked my phone, time after time. There were no texts. I hadn't missed any calls. Blank. that was how I felt as well as how my phone was. I couldn't live for much longer knowing that he could be no longer in my life. we had thought about the date of the wedding. 2 months away. I wanted to be with him so badly. Now, this might not come true. I stood up and replayed that magical and happy night. My memories focused on when we kissed. His face was the last thing I saw before I dozed off. 


Henry's view

The blacked out windows didn't show us anything of the journey home but I could just see out of the wind shield. We were in a police type criminal carrier. all of us in separate compartments. Hopefully it wasn't just me. The truck screeched to a stop, the men at the front climbed out slamming their doors. They opened the door to my area, I was thrown to the floor. Rose stepped out beside me. Jazz gave a warning growl, Edward followed his idea. The men didn't touch them. I walked in with Gabrielle clinging to my arm, I struggled to get it out and to hug her. she put up a good fight but I won. I thought I was forgetting somebody but I pushed that thought aside. Emily ran out to meet me. she almost shoved Gabrielle off, stopped and smiled. I let go of my mother and reached down and kissed her.

"thank goodness your okay!" she had muttered while she was buried in to my shoulder, "Where's Jess?" I looked at Gabrielle, Amy, Rose, Jazz and Edward. None of them had her. The truck was gone. Emily wasn't there beside me any more. She was on the floor. Unresponsive to anything around her. To me.

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