Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


4. The card

I slammed the phone down. Richard stood there, hovering over me. 

"What did he say?" Richard asked.

"The key information is on the paper. I don't know if Henry or Jess is okay though.When he stopped talking to me one of the guards must have seen or heard him. I heard Jess' scream and him scream. I don't think I can do this any more Richard." I stood there, shaking. His hands slowly moved to my shoulders trying to stop me. I ran upstairs and grabbed the card that Henry had kept for jess when she was older. it was wrapped in a piece of paper which had the pin on.

"I hope you right Henry. I need you." 

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