Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


3. Phone call

I sat there with Richard. The TV was on but I was taking anything in. I held on to my phone so tightly it placed marks in my palm. I checked it hoping for it to have somehow have received a text with out me knowing. How could it be from Henry though, his phone was in front of my, dead and lonely. I rang it occasionally just to hear me and him giggle:

Hey, sorry I can't take your call right now I'm with my new fiancée and baby girl. Leave your message and once I'm done having my hair braided or something silly I'll get back to you. Thanks.

I cried my heart out when I heard that. I went to make myself a cup of coffee when it rang. I snatched it up, desperate to hear someone else's voice.

"Er, hello." I had said

"Ha, not wanting to hear me are you? OI, what are you doing kid? Get back over there otherwise you wouldn't see your father again!" He had shouted.

"DON'T YOU DARE HURT MY DAUGHTER OR MY FUTURE HUSBAND!" I had screamed. Richard scrambled up from the sofa and tried to grab the phone. I dodged him easily.

"Ohh, future husband. He might as well have said that you were a dog which had bit his hand of. He had said that you were in hiding, that didn't work. Tell me, how much money do you have?"

"Plenty enough for you to know." I had said, turning my head up and acting like a snob. 

"Well, one of my men is coming to your town to collect some off you. You may in return choose only one person per lump sum of money you give him. The man will only come once a month. Once a month we normally drive our hostages to some far away without anyone apart from me and one other person in my group, they are never seen again just to let you know." he had sneered at that last bit.

My hands clenched in to fists, I thought I would break the phone.

"How much is it? Per person"

"Well I charge around £10,000 per person. for your daughter around £8,000 though. We hope to see you soon. Our man will be outside in the woods close to the house easy to see actually, not far for you to go eh? 10am, be there." My hand was scribbling down what he was saying, Richard must have done this. He had stopped the conversation, I heard on the other line footsteps going and a door closing. There was another set of footsteps coming towards the phone. I knew who it was.

"Hello Emily?" Henry was on the other end of the line. I couldn't speak.

"Henry? Are you ok, how is jess? Are the rest of you ok?" I had blurted out.

"Yes, I miss you. When we left, she didn't stop crying. She has just stop when she heard you screaming down the phone. anyway, I heard they were meeting you to get us back home. Go up stairs and get the card which is in the cupboard. That has £80,000. Just over enough for all of us."

I heard a scream, of a child. Then joined by the scream of a man. The line was dead.

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