Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


2. Gone

I had only left her for ten minutes. she had gone, I looked all over the house for her but she wasn't anywhere. The thing is, I didn't leave just her alone. The rest of Henry's family were there with him and her and they were all gone to. The decorations were torn off the walls, food was spilt everywhere in the kitchen. Jess' bottle was lying there on the floor; the milk still warm. I sat down holding it, just like I would have held her if she was here. I noticed the reflection of a piece of paper off the TV screen. I didn't notice it before, I thought it was just something of Jess' so I went to pick it up. She had got her weak father to get out the crayons and paper just to annoy her mother. The floor was covered in it. I held it up to my face, the sun shone through it revealing more writing on the back. It wasn't Jess this time, it was from Richard:


I am upstairs meet me there. Hurry.

I ran upstairs in to our room, I knocked on the wall three times. The reply was further down the hall. I ran down in to Jess' room, and repeated the knock. It came from her wardrobe. I slowly walked towards it:

"Richard?" I had asked, not wanting to shout through to him. The door opened revealing my future father in-law. He was a mess: his hair was in knots, he had cuts all over his face. His trousers were ripped. One of his legs was gashed so it had a tea towel or just a towel around it. I couldn't make it out because it was nearly dripping with his blood. He started to cry, I dragged him out and sat on the floor with him. I remembered doing this with Jess when she cut herself after she fell off her bed the other night. 

"Richard, what happened? Where are my family?" I had asked him, waiting till he was finished crying.

"They aren't here Emily," stating the obvious,"They have took them. Ryan and his gang. They came back for you but when you weren't here they decided to take Jess. Henry saw what they were doing so fort back. He got hit on the head and was put in the back of the van. I was in he bathroom and coming down the stairs just in time to see that and the rest of the family be took away. One of the guards saw me and went to lift me and put me in there with them. I fazed and we fought, I won somehow but he left me like his thinking I had died. To be honest I rather wanted to be because I thought they had got to you and finished you off and that I would never see the family again. I don't know whether Henry is alive or not but I couldn't do anything. I am so sorry." I broke down at the thought of my fiancée being killed and not seeing my little girl again. We sat there, both crying our hearts out. Never wanting to get up.

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