Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


9. Action

I came out of my room at 9pm. The rest of the family were waiting. Edward and Jazz were waiting outside the car. My black hair shone in the room. It was like the night had it's own shield around my hair making it impenetrable. Henry stood there, gawking at my. I let out a little smile that made him choke. We had tested me fazing in the dark, Henry wasn't there so her hadn't seen me like this. I was a full black wolf. Richard had made me dye a thick clump of hair white at the back to make sure that it looked like a wolf. It had worked. I picked up my jacket and then walked out to the land rover. Henry sneaked in beside me, we were supposed to be in separate cars but it made no difference. I just wanted him there when I had Jess again. When I was complete. 


The car jerked as we came to were I would be in so much pain. I hugged Henry once more before I stepped out of the car. I turned to go when his hand was forcing me back to him. He reached down and kissed me. It was a message in it's self that meant for me to stay. I replied more weakly saying for our family I must go. At the end I left. His eyes glistened more in this light, I saw before I went to the bushes a single tear fall down his face. I stopped were I was but I knew that I had to move. my heart was torn in to but to make them stick together i had to leave. To separate my self from him through love and not anger from those dreadful 10 months ago. 

"Right, I thought because most early shifters faze when they have experienced pain I thought we could break the bone now and then you would faze. The howl should alert the guards and then because Ryan loves wolves you should be healed. Easy!"

He had said to eagerly for me.I took of my jeans and wrapped my arms around a tree. Edward had picked up my leg and threw it against a boulder. My leg gave a might crack and I screamed in pain. henry heard and ran through the bushes to see my leg bend a unnatural way. He stopped just beside a bush and stared in horror as his fiancée turned in to a coal black wolf. The white part of my hair formed a white sock on the back left leg. I tried to stand up but howled a stomach churning sound. Edward grinned happy with his work. I shot him a evil look, it wiped it clean off his face. He and Richard picked me up and started to carry me over to the entrance. Henry picked up my rip cage and rested his head on my furry body. His head reached further down, he heard another frantic heartbeat. His head snapped of and he ran back to the car, Edward saw and realised. I still didn't figure it out. There was no more time, I had to get back my daughter. Richard reached up his foot and stomped hard back on the break. I let out another piercing howl and the other two ran back to the bushes. Soon enough Ryan had come to the door.

"Oh, what a beautiful animal you are. If you were any other sort of animal I would have let you die. Brethren, Yungslo bring the wolf up to the veterinary bit she will look fine in my collection." He turned and ran up through the house. Collection? what did he mean by collection. The men picked me up leaving my head out last. I looked for my love. His face was pale, he knew I wouldn't get out. I had to. I couldn't leave him.

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