Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


12. A year later


I was happy again. A year ago today I gained a life that wouldn't have been possible to imagine. I was rewarded though. My wedding was the best. Richard had no limit for what I had done for them and the family. I had a long 4 week honeymoon in Scandinavia. It was magical. I had received a gift from my mother when I got back. It was a fabulous gold bracelet. She wasn't there when I got so I gave it Amy. She was thrilled and so was I. I didn't want anything to do with them anymore. 


I had been back a month when I felt ill. I ran to the toilet and threw up all over the bathroom. Henry was out with Jess. The scars on my neck pulsed and angry blue. I knew that this wasn't normal so called Edward. He was busy. I called round every other member of Henry's family but all were unavailable, I had called everyone apart from him apart from him. I knew that this would kill Henry if he knew about it so I left it. It was then that I realised the black blotches all over my arm. Pain bolted threw my legs and up to my arms. My eyes closed, I couldn't open them again. I fell to the floor. Henry came in. I heard the rush of his footsteps coming to find me.

"Hello, Emily where are you?" he had shouted, panic was overflowing in his voice.

I tried to lift my head off the cool floor but the energy had been sapped from my body. I opened my mouth to shout 'In here!' but all I could say was:

"Honey." it was like I had just breathed out. Henry had hearing that was like raider dishes so no doubt he could still me. His frantic footsteps rushed to the bathroom. I heard him gasp and the run down the hall to the phone:

"Hello this is Mr Henry Banks would you please put Richard Banks on please this is a family emergency." He waited while the line was put through,

"Yeah Richard. I think this is it." he waited just a second, "This one is killing her though. And I don't think it is just the one."

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