Emily has ran for her life. She is sick of being chased like a pest. Until one day she has to stop running away, she has to run to it. To face her inner nightmare. what she is fighting for is her only weapon. and no-one knows this but her. (This is a sequel to shifter)


1. Mine Forever

She had arrived. My brand new baby. She was early, but I loved her. Henry stayed with my the whole time, whenever the pain stabbed my I nearly ripped his arm out, but he always supported me. I had to watched her over night because I just couldn't leave her. When it was time the next day I snatched her in to my arms and danced with her around the rooms. My house was the same as always, glass walls and wood overlapping panels. We had created a room which was like a normal house. It was in the far corner of the house but it was the closest to ours. since she came, Henry had lighted up. He was happier, I was more tired. It was complete, and it couldn't go wrong. We had called her Jess. She was a slice of heaven for me. I would protect her with my life if I had to.


There was something funny going on. Amy was the only one I had to talk to. The rest had made me go to Richard's and the family's house. It had taken the whole day until was allowed to go back, it wasn't the same though. The house outside was lit up, white fairy lights covered the door. The house was lit up inside too with the same lights. They formed a trial going up the stairs, as I got further up my favourite Beethoven track was playing: the 9th symphony. Oh I wanted to just grab Henry and spin around the room, his daughter sitting on the coach laughing at her parents. That possibility made me smile. I had walked up the stairs, with out knowing it, to fast. I woke up when rose took my coat,

"You are not ready at all for what will be happening." she had said, shaking her head. Gabrielle came in, prepared for a backup plan from what Rose had just said:

"Don't worry Emily, Rose had has a little too much."  she had said whilst handing my a leather pocket, the type that you get in restaurants, "Don't open that until Henry tells you.

She took me to the dining table, and sat me down. I sat down and heard the tapping of Henry's boots. I heard him breathe in deeply, I loved being a wolf, I heard him adjust either his tie or bow tie. Why was he all dolled up and I wasn't? He cleared his throat, I looked back. His hair was smoothed to the flat of his head and not the usually mess it was. He was in a full tux, sweating like a tap.

"What is all this?" I had said, trying not to laugh.

"Please just say yes otherwise I wouldn't be able to live with myself, but you can open the menu now." he had said when he had sat down. I looked at the menu and slowly untied the ribbon. Inside was an ivory piece of paper. Inside was written:

Dearest Love,

Every second I spend with you is a moment in time I would want to repeat a million times over. What This next second will hopefully be, the one second that I want to repeat every second of every day with you. Now look down at me.

I looked to the place where he was. My little Jess was there, smiling her little smile. There was a tug on my dress. Henry was there, on the floor. On one knee! He took out a velvet pouch and said those dream like words:

"Emily will you marry me?" he had said, a bead of sweat trickled down his neck. I couldn't say anything, so just nodded. He was down there waiting. The expression on his face exploded when he saw my reaction. He snatched me from my chair and spun me as I giggled with happiness. He dropped me and he kissed me. It was so magical. Through the other kisses we had shared, there was nothing more magical than this one. Jess had crawled over and began thumping her hands on my leg because she wanted attention. We reluctantly stopped and picked her up, my life had all I ever wanted. Nothing would make me let this go. For nothing I would let this go, and I would do anything to stop harm to any of us. Forever.

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