feelings change so fast



1. feelings can change so fast

Its today that i realize feelings change so fast
Today i have seen bad times dont last
now i finally do believe
Fairy taes do really exist oh im so releived
with all those rumours going around
My hope just went down
But today that i am finally with you
i do know dreams do come true
feelings can just change so fast
maybe its because of this spell that you have cast

Everything just seems so beautiful suddenly
maybe its because of the way you look at me
ignoring anyone else you just
talk to me like to live you must
I feel like a princess in a fairy tale
I guess it is true love doesnt always fail
Its just that feelings can change so fast
Im so glas we found each other even in a world so vast

Lost in your eyes thats what i am today
Thinking about you and blushing away
I am in love with everything thst you do
the most beautiful soul baby thats you
From today i guess we have others hearts
Please dont break mine i wouldnt be ale to fix the parts
I finally realize feelings just change so fast
With you life seems like a blast

Well just so you know
i promise i wont let go
Ill be rigt by your side
whatever be the problem i wont hide
Well i a in love with you
Could you just tell me you love me too?
The tears i had yesterday dried at last
Feelings just change so fast
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