Fresh Start.

Amelia (Amy) Brown is Harry Styles's cousin. She doesnt know that Harry is famous in a band called One Direction. She hardly pays attention to T.V and social networking. When Harry leaves their hometown of Holmes Chaple, Amy is heart broken. Her parents were fighting and going through a divorce and since she didnt have any siblings, she needed Harry. They were very close since birth but Harry had to leave, leaving Amy alone in the hardest time of her life. But then came the summer. She was planning on spending half with her dad and half with her mum. But Harry calls inviting her to his cottage in Cornwall where they'll be staying with 4 of his friends. She refuses to forgive Harry until the truth is out and what happens when 2 of the boys fall for her?


4. Morning

Niall's POV

I woke up around 10am to find Zayn and Amy together sleeping on the sofa. I felt a bit jealous because Zayn got there first. I turned back around just about to walk out the door when i heard Amy.
"Oh, er hey Niall!" she giggled slapping Zayn to get up.
"Hey Amy!" i laughed back

Zayn's POV
I woke up and saw Amy on top of me telling me to get up. I saw Niall too. I got up amd stretched.
"What happened last night?" i asked looking at Amy.
"Im not sure myself. I think we just fell asleep," she replied looking down at the floor blushing.
I smiled and said "I'm going upstairs to get dressed,"
"Me first!" Amy laughed running upstairs
I chased after her, pulling her to the floor and accidently landing on top of her. Our faces were just inches apart we both leaned forward... But i pulled away and so did she.
Louis came out of his room and laughed "Ooh having fun?" he laughed even harder and ran down the stairs. Amy started blushing, looking away from me. I smiled and helped her up. She led me into our room. I asked her why she wont talk to Harry. Thats when she told me everything. She even told me she doesnt want to love again incase she got hurt. I smiled at her and looked away. She started crying, sobbing and wailing loudly.
"Ssshh Amy, it'll be okay," i said hugging her tight not wanting to let go.
She soon started to calm down. Thats when she looked up and smiled. Giving me a quick kiss on my cheek. I smiled back and told her im her for her.

Amy's POV

Zayn is a real nice guy. I do feel as if he wont hurt me but i dont want to take the risk. It felt good to tell him my problems. He understood really well. It was nice for someone to hug me and tell me it'll all be okay. He told me i should make up with Harry. So i am. I walked downstairs and gave Harry a huge hug. I smiled and said "I forgive you." he turned around and hugged me back. Smiling really big. I turned to Zayn and kissed him on the lips. I kissed him for ages. Until i pulled away and smiled, blushing really badly.
I pulled Zayn up to our room. I kissed him again and again. He kissed me back. Oh it felt good to love again. I then thought maybe were going to fast. I looked at Zayn. "Do you think were going to fast?" "Not at all" he smiled. Oh his smile made me blush real hard. I found myself on the bed, pulling Zayn's top off. Then i stopped. Got up and realised what was happening. I told him i wasnt ready he replied with a neither am i. We laughed and sat down together. I asked him more about himself. And he asked me. We ended up talking for hours. We both fell asleep. I fell asleep with my head on his chest and his arm was wrapped around my waist. We woke up at 3pm and ran downstairs. We ran out to the beach near the house. I was dressed in my bikini and he was in his boxers. We played in the sea and had fun. It was the best day.

Rubbish chapter. I know sorry! :) <3
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