Fresh Start.

Amelia (Amy) Brown is Harry Styles's cousin. She doesnt know that Harry is famous in a band called One Direction. She hardly pays attention to T.V and social networking. When Harry leaves their hometown of Holmes Chaple, Amy is heart broken. Her parents were fighting and going through a divorce and since she didnt have any siblings, she needed Harry. They were very close since birth but Harry had to leave, leaving Amy alone in the hardest time of her life. But then came the summer. She was planning on spending half with her dad and half with her mum. But Harry calls inviting her to his cottage in Cornwall where they'll be staying with 4 of his friends. She refuses to forgive Harry until the truth is out and what happens when 2 of the boys fall for her?


2. Finally! A Chance For A Fresh Start!

Amy's POV

The plane landed in Cornwall and i made my way of it. As i came out of the airport a man dressed in a suit was waiting for Amelia Brown, cousin of Harry Styles. We soon pulled up outside this big mansion. Harry must be mad if he called this a cottage. Then i thought about the money. But i still refused to believe it was him on the radio and i refused to forgive him. I rang the doorbell and stood with my 2 packed suitcases. I heard running and whispers before the door opened. Revealing Harry and 4 lads behind him, with welcoming smiles on their faces. Harry leamt forward to give me a hug but i pushed him away and stomped in, dragging my suitcases. I left them at the bottom of the stairs and turned around to face the boys.
"Which one i my room?" i asked
"Errm, I believe she is sharing with me?" the dark haired one with spiky hair asked.
Sharing?! It obviously wasnt that big.
"Can you show me then?" i asked not wanting to waste any time.
"Sure," he replied grabbing my suitcases
We walked upstairs to reveal two single beds on either side of the room. One was messed up and the other was neat and tidy. I was exhausted so i jumped on the bed.
"Err, I'm Zayn," the boy said holding his hand out to me.
I sat up and replied with "I'm Amelia, call me Amy,"
"Nice to meet you Amy," he said sending me a small smile
"Nice to meet you too Zayn," i replied.
"Okay erm im going to er erm go downstairs and see the boys,"
As Zayn left the room i got up and pulled some pyjama's out of my bag. I put on some black shorts and a white short top, revealing my belly. I made my way downstairs. I saw all te boys gathered around the dinning table eating crumpets. Crumpets at this time?! They need to sort their lives out. Harry sent me a smile and patted the seat next to him. I ignored him and made my way to sit next to Zayn and the blonde head boy who i havent got the name of yet.
I grabbed a crumpet from the plate in the middle and i turned to the blonde head boy.
"I'm Amelia but call me Amy" i said with a smile on my face. He was eating like a pig but it was so adorable.
"I'm Niall" he said smiling back.
I went aroundg to all of them
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