Fresh Start.

Amelia (Amy) Brown is Harry Styles's cousin. She doesnt know that Harry is famous in a band called One Direction. She hardly pays attention to T.V and social networking. When Harry leaves their hometown of Holmes Chaple, Amy is heart broken. Her parents were fighting and going through a divorce and since she didnt have any siblings, she needed Harry. They were very close since birth but Harry had to leave, leaving Amy alone in the hardest time of her life. But then came the summer. She was planning on spending half with her dad and half with her mum. But Harry calls inviting her to his cottage in Cornwall where they'll be staying with 4 of his friends. She refuses to forgive Harry until the truth is out and what happens when 2 of the boys fall for her?


3. Do i love him already? No, i've known him for 5 minutes.

Zayn's POV

Amy seemed like a nice girl. I started to feel like protecting her maybe i have feelings for her?
Niall picked out paranormal activity 2. He sat the other side of Amy and i sat the other side. Most of the time she was shoving her face in my chest, wrapping my arms around her.

Amy's POV

It felt so good to have Zayn's arms around me. It made me feel safe and made me feel as if nothing could hurt me. Maybe i have feelings for him? No. I cant love anyone. I cant let anyone love me. I still stayed in Zayn's arms. The movie ended but i stayed there. Liam put on Toy Story 3 as it wasnt that late. I then felt my eyes come to a close. I woke up around 3am to find i was streched across the sofa... On top of Zayn... He was still hugging me and i was still hugging him. I left it and went back to sleep.

Sorry for a rubbish chapter! :) x <3
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