Fresh Start.

Amelia (Amy) Brown is Harry Styles's cousin. She doesnt know that Harry is famous in a band called One Direction. She hardly pays attention to T.V and social networking. When Harry leaves their hometown of Holmes Chaple, Amy is heart broken. Her parents were fighting and going through a divorce and since she didnt have any siblings, she needed Harry. They were very close since birth but Harry had to leave, leaving Amy alone in the hardest time of her life. But then came the summer. She was planning on spending half with her dad and half with her mum. But Harry calls inviting her to his cottage in Cornwall where they'll be staying with 4 of his friends. She refuses to forgive Harry until the truth is out and what happens when 2 of the boys fall for her?


1. Agreeing to Cornwall

Amy's POV

"Ameilia, your father and I have decided that you will be spending half the summer with me and the rest with him. Is that okay?" said my mum. Hoping for a reply.
"Fine," I replied coldly.
My mum then walked out of the room, slamming the door like a teenager. All I did was sigh. It annoyed me the way my dad and my mum are divorced. I hated it. Packing bags to different houses every holiday. Dealing with my dad's girlfriend. Ever since the divorce i havent been myself. I cant love anymore. Everything that i love just goes incredibly wrong. For example my parents. I trusted them with my heart and they both just ripped it apart, leaving me in heartbroken.
Harry was my cousin and my best friend. He just left me. He didnt reply to my texts and my calls. So i instantly thought he hated me. Until i got this phone call from un unknown number.
"Hello.." i said
"Hey Ams!" replied a voice, i instantly recognised it was Harry.
"What?" i said sounding harsh.
"Whoa, someones in a bad mood," he said
"Well wouldnt you if your best friend just blanked you when you really needed his sholder to cry on?" i asked him coldly.
"Look Amelia, im sorry,"
"Sorry isnt good enough," i yelled hanging up.
Straight after he called again.
"Just leave me alone Harry," i said sounding a bit calmer.
"No Amy. You've misunderstood me. I didnt mean to move its just my family wanted to. I couldnt do anything." he replied, full meaning in his voice.
It was hard for me not to forgive him properly but i wouldnt let myself.
"Why did you ring?" i said skipping to the point.
"Your mum thinks you need some alone time. So im inviting you to my cottage to stay for the whole summer with me and 4 friends," he said cheerfully.
"How is that alone time if im with 5 boys?" i questioned.
"So your coming?"
"Sure. I do need to get away from here."
As i said that he said he has booked me a plane ticket, first class. Where did he get all this money from?
"I'll see you soon! Cant wait for you to meet my friends!" he said
"Bye Harry," i replied hanging up the phone.
I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a drink, telling my mum im going to pack.
As i walked upstairs i questioned myself as to if i should forgive Harry. He said he didnt want to leave but that didnt mean he couldnt answer my calls or reply to my texts. As i walked into my room i lay down turning up my radio. This band called One Direction started playing. I listened carefully. I heard Harry's voice instantly. But i refused to believe it. So i grabbed two suitcases and started packing my clothes. Putting in all my bikini's as all i wanted to do was sunbathe. I finished packing about 2 hours later. I walked downstairs and ate my dinner. In silence. I just couldnt wait to go to Cornwall. I needed a fresh start.
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