This poem was as spontaneous as it is possible to be. I was standing one evening, waiting for something insignificant, when all of a sudden, I looked up to see those enchanting stars in the sky above us, and started reciting this poem, already formed in my head, although I was unaware of it ever forming or being there. So here is my poem, obviously straight from my heart. Enjoy. - My entry for the Poetry Competition (with video!)


2. Note to Reader

Dearest Movellians,

You may have noticed how much I like reading and writing poetry, so when the 'BIG Poetry Competition' popped up today, I simply could not restrain myself from laughing hysterically, delving into the depths of my mind and half-finished poems of my computer, and came out the other end with this poem.

Funnily enough, it has no rhyming scheme, no structure and no real purpose in its life. (As was said in the description), I was standing one evening and blurted out these disjunct, slightly meaningless set of words, but somehow, they seemed to mean an awful lot to me. This is one of the poems which I can say holds the essence of 'me', shows my true inner character, often hidden behind by loud, vulgar and bubbly personality. When I first said them out loud on that clear, winter night, stood under those stars which this poem is about, it seemed so simple, meaningful, yet so 'me'. They seem to hold my hope, ambitions, loves and view of the world. My reflections and so called 'deep inner soul' are all contained here.

So, reader/fan/friend, whether you love or hate this poem, try to enjoy it, and if you like it, I am guessing that you will like the inner 'me'. Through this competition, I want to spread this poem and spread myself, without trying to be arrogant, pushy or in-your-face. You writers will know that when you find something you love, you want to share it, and hope that someone out there might feel that same warm feeling of satisfaction and appreciation when they read it.

That is all from me, with an odd deep reflection, and I will leave you alone now, to get on with your own, special life.


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