Not Just My Dream

Two years after families death, Shannon's dreams are filled with a boy she will probably never get. But when One Direction comes to town her dream becomes her life.


2. Reality


Reality slaps me in the face like a bitch. I'm sitting on the bench I've slept on for the past month. It's been two years since the accident. We're all sitting in the living room playing cards and laughing. My brothers across the coffee table. I'm on the couch with my mom. My dads on the big chair. The door bursts open. A man in a black hoodie comes through and starts to shoot at us. My brothers first. My baby brother of 14. Gone. My mother goes next. My fathers lat but I'm not there to watch. I'm running through the neighborhood. Across streets, through backyards and across lawns. I run fast and as long as I can. Trying desperately to get away from that house of horrors.

I go back a couple hours later to get my favorite blue backpack, clothes, pictures of my family and friends, my mother charm necklace, my fathers gun and my brothers Swiss Army pocket knife. Then I'm gone. Just like that.

Now I'm here on this bench. "What the hell am I gonna do?" I ask myself. A black limo pulls up to enter the hotel by where the bench is. I hear screaming girls. No, it couldn't be. The face from my dream is there. No even 100 ft away. He looks at me. Our gaze locks. He shakes his head and looks away.

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