Not Just My Dream

Two years after families death, Shannon's dreams are filled with a boy she will probably never get. But when One Direction comes to town her dream becomes her life.


4. Finally


We sleep in line until the next day. The line slowly creeps towards the boys. They give me a poster for them to sign. I'm gonna have to throw it out anyway and there only names on a piece of paper. When it’s my turn the in front of me faints. I’m laughing so hard the boys start to laugh.

“How’s it going?” Liam asks.

“It’s going. So you like America so far?”

“Yeah. As you have seen, there’s a lot of girls,” he laughs. I can’t help but laugh too.

“Yep, Hope you get used to it,” I say before heading over to Niall. He was eating as usual. “Hey Niall,” I say. “How is Nandos? I’ve never had it.” That got his attention.

“What? You haven’t lived! It’s the most amazing food in the world. You have to try it.”

“Ok, Niall. I wanted to hear it from you,” I tell him. “Thanks.”  

Louis is sitting there on his phone. “Hello? Earth to Louis. Fainting fans and your on your phone,” I tell him in a annoyed tone of voice.

“Sorry luv, texting Eleanor.”

“Oh. Never mind. That’s fine,” I say as he signs the poster and goes back to texting. “ Vas Happening!” I cant control it. I start laughing me ass-off.

“ Nothing much Zayn. You?”

“Just hanging around.”

Harry is next. This is what I’ve been waiting for since my family died. An ounce of happiness but I get a ton. “ Harry can you do me a favor?” I ask him. “Sure,” he replies. I take my favorite necklace off. It’s a dog tag chain with a ring on it. The ring is silver with my name on it. “Can you wear this? It would mean everything to me.” He looks at me again. “Of course,” he says. “One last thing.” “What?” “Come closer,” I tell him. He does. I grab his hand and kiss him. He doesn’t pull away as I expected. Instead he pulls me closer and put his finger in my long brown hair. I pull away and whisper in his ear,” I love you Harry.” Then I’m gone.

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