Not Just My Dream

Two years after families death, Shannon's dreams are filled with a boy she will probably never get. But when One Direction comes to town her dream becomes her life.


1. Dreams


It all started with a dream. I'm running with the other fans. Trying to catch-up to the boys. I can't run fast enough. I go back to where my family is. "You have an autograph. That's good enough," my father tells me. "No, it's not. It's a piece of paper with a name on it. It has no real memory to it," I say as I start to walk away. Then someone grabs my hand and walks with me. I look up. Oh my god. It's Harry Styles. He looks at me and says , "How's this for a memory." Laughing and smiling we walk forever. I feel like I'm in heaven. I can still see us when I wake up.

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