This story is about a girl named Sam who is in a Sending Students Over Seas Program. As she is in London she comes across a a rather famous boy. His name Niall.


1. Getting in the SSOS program

Ch1 SAMS POV|||||| "Sam can I speak to you out in the hall?" my honors English teacher asked me. "yes ms.reid" I replayed as set down my pencil and stood up and walk though the desks and out the door. I opened the door and stepped out and then ms Reid started talking "sam as you know you are top of the class or should I say topS and classES." "yes I am" I replyed "we have never done this before but there's this program for students like you, you go over to London England and someone comes here to GA I was wonder is you would be interested" I gasped for air I was so excited "I would LOVE TO DO THE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!" I almost tell in her face it was so loud. "well its starts at the beginning of next year I will give you the forms to be signed by your parents and you must read ALL the terms and conditions" ms. Reid said. "wow this is an amazing opportunity and I would love to par take" I tell her. "Pick up the for forms after class is done and take them home. Congrats Sam!!" "thank you and I will." |||||end of class||||||| the bell to go home just rung and and I almost sprint up to ms.reids desk with a huge grin. "umm the papers ms.reid" I say fast and eagerly. "here you go Same enjoy the rest of your weekend and try to get those signed by Monday of you can" "I will thank you so much!!"
I walk out of the room and basically run home. End of ch1
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