Lost: Rose

Atwood Forest is untouched by the human world surrounding it. All they know is whoever enters, never returns...

Inside Atwood Forest there are one type of prey and one type of predator. The Vampire Hunter's are a race of magically blessed men and women who hunt and kill those who stray from the vampire fortress in the west of the forest. It is known that occasionally humans venture in the forest but not once has a Hunter ever been able to successfully save a human without losing their life.

A young girl is one day found on the boarder line of the Hunter and Vampire territory. She is without food, clothes, and shelter. When she is picked up by a group of Hunter's she is given the name Rose, due to a cryptic tattoo of roses embedding the skin of her back. She is without memory of who she is and where she'd come from. Trapped in a forest where a century-long war still rages on, she struggles to find the truth behind her existence in a world where everything is not as it seems...


3. Questions

I lay silently still on the hard, cold floor of the bar surrounded chamber I decided was a jail. Breathing in the bitter, cold, stale air I didn't shiver even in only the white shirt that provided me little warmth against the harsh conditions of my surroundings. I had barely became conscious that I had woken even before I slowly allowed me eyes to open up to stare out in the darkness the light from the barred window above shedding the only light on the bars before me. The bars that had burned my skin as I had cried for help of any aid. For a sliver of mercy.


Footsteps echoed in the distance from my right heading towards the cage I had become to hate so much over the last night, I sat up hugging my knees to my chest as I gently rocked myself, providing only little comfort as the man who'd imprisoned me stood before me with two elder looking strangers beside him. They spoke in hushed voices, the murmurs of their obvious indiscretions leaving me to shiver slightly as their eyes surveyed me. Judged me. One came close to the bars gently touching it to which I flinched though they had not been hurt by it. She was woman of great stature, her grey, wiry hair brought up in an elaborate plait circling her head. Her skin was full of age, small spots speckled from her face to her hands her eyes her only age-less feature that stared at me between the black bars that kept me from freedom, their grey depths seeming to seek answers unasked that I knew I could not answer.

"Who are you?" she asked, her voice not demanding neither harsh. It was a simple question. One I could not answer, I opened my mouth suddenly before shutting it, my eyes tearing from her gaze as I looked down at my hands. Who am I? I asked myself before beginning to peel off the bandages,

"I don't know who I am" I replied, my voice a bare whisper that echoed gently through the cold, desolate chambers that kept me company with it's soul-less presence.

"How can you not know who you are?" she asked her voice hitching as I broke in a sudden wave of confused tones, harsher tones, though underneath it I could sense fear and hatred. I looked up unaffected by her sudden outburst of emotion, nor did I left myself appear unaffected at her face that betrayed her former composed-state. I ripped off the rest of my bandages looking down in confusion as I realized the soreness had disappeared, I looked down to my thigh and cautiously, slow began to peel the bandage back.

"Answer me!" she screamed her demand from the bars. I finished peeling the bandage to see whatever there had been was gone. I looked for my burns that had caused me a painful night, however, I met only the light silver scaring barely visible of where they had been brushing a hand over it my eyes widened in shock as it disappeared leaving my skin once more flawlessly untouched.


"Don't shout at her. She won't reply" a calm voice said, I snapped my head back to the bars my eyes narrowed in a hatred filled glare at the man who had betrayed my momentarily felt trust in the forest. If it hadn't been for him, I could have been free. It was thanks to my own moment of weakness that had lost me my freedom, I didn't know how trust worked exactly but I was sure it wasn't like what had happened the day before.

"Where are you from?" the second figure asked, a man elderly now stepping forward. He seemed to be the same age as the woman, though his hair had streaks of grey-blonde left from his younger years, and his eyes shone brown in the sun from the window above.

"I don't know that either" I replied, my voice shaking slowly as I decided to pick myself up. The elderly couple stepped back immediately only to see my arms shake uncontrollably as I failed to muster enough energy to lift myself, I fell down on my side biting my lower lip to stifle a whimper of pain as my eyes welled with tears. One of them moved to open the door. To help.

"Don't" the man's voice was loud and unquestioned as the couple dropped their hands immediately.


"Get up" he said earning another glare as I pushed myself up this time able to muster just enough energy to get up, I leaned against the wall suddenly afterwards the thud echoing as my back came in contact with it, as I looked along the ground before me. Slowly and cautiously I stepped away from the wall stepping into the sunlight just for a moment before flinching momentarily afterwards at the burning sensation that covered my right arm. I went closer to the bars staring up at them, as they stepped back. Confused and hurt, I hesitantly reached out for the bars.

"No!" I screamed as one grabbed my hand, it collided with the side of the bar and I felt the searing burn take over before I pulled my hand back collapsing on the ground a whimper escaping my lips as my tear-less sobs filled the air as I cradled my arm.

"She's human" the woman muttered,

"But that doesn't explain the sun burning her momentarily" the elderly man replied,

"Maybe she's cursed" the woman replied. The man opened up the gate and grabbing my arm wrenched me from the ground and to his side.


I was free. Elbowing him in the stomach I ran as fast

as my feet could carry to where a door lay in the chamber, I grabbed the door knob turning it before... No. It didn't move the whole way, rattling the door knob furiously I cried as I glanced over my shoulder to see him stalking towards me a furious glare covering his face. I dropped to the ground and covered my head my arms just as the door burst open the sunlight engulfing me as I winced looking up to see another man, unfamiliar at first glance who took me by the hand and brought me close to his chest bringing his cape around to shield me from the sunlight.

"Rose..." he whispered, the word sounding familiar yet when he gently stroked my cheek I realized he thought this was my name.

"Is my name Rose?" I asked confused as his gentle words and gentle touch, I rested my hand on his own unsure as I looked up to meet his hazel eyes bearing into my own with what seemed to be overflowing care.

"What are you doing here Callum?" the man asked as he came up towards me reaching out for my arm. I flinched just as the man who held me close blocked his outstretched arm,

"The real question Heath, is what you're doing here with the human" the man replied his voice equally meeting the mans own accusing one. His eyes brushed past at the elderly couple who came closer, hesitantly as their eyes stared at the man who held me. The man who's name I now knew was Callum.

"I understand you're looking for clues as to what happened that night..." Callum said his voice, I looked at the man who'd reached for me... Heath... I watched as his face changed from one of contained anger to one of over-boiling anger.

"But..." Callum continued, before I silenced him placing a finger over his lip I turned my back on Heath and lifting myself onto my tip-toes leaned beside Callum's ear.

"Something tells me he won't be happy if we continue, we should leave" I whispered gently, softly... soothingly. Letting myself back down I threw one last wide-eyed glance at Heath and the elderly couple before Callum led me away.

"Don't take too much notice of Heath too much, his very skeptical of anyone who comes near the village since his partner died" Callum explained as he led me to a group of young girls who fidgeted nervously in their little cotton dresses, I could see them giggle as Callum neared them.

"The village?" I asked curiously edging nearer to him as we passed them and into a building where a massive amount of heat surrounded me.

"The Hunters village. This is where you are" he said drawing his cape from me a young girl who could not see came from inside the only door in the hallway her closed eyes reaching, Callum grasped my hand and set into that of the wondering girl's.

"Who was his partner?" I asked,

"Go bathe and then come find me" Callum said,

"Leonora, watch Rose carefully" he instructed to which the little girl nodded. I watched as he left quickly, shutting the door behind him. The girl turned and opened up the door and yanked me in after her as she entered. Before I knew it, I'd entered a room enveloped in a white, seamless, fog.

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