Lost: Rose

Atwood Forest is untouched by the human world surrounding it. All they know is whoever enters, never returns...

Inside Atwood Forest there are one type of prey and one type of predator. The Vampire Hunter's are a race of magically blessed men and women who hunt and kill those who stray from the vampire fortress in the west of the forest. It is known that occasionally humans venture in the forest but not once has a Hunter ever been able to successfully save a human without losing their life.

A young girl is one day found on the boarder line of the Hunter and Vampire territory. She is without food, clothes, and shelter. When she is picked up by a group of Hunter's she is given the name Rose, due to a cryptic tattoo of roses embedding the skin of her back. She is without memory of who she is and where she'd come from. Trapped in a forest where a century-long war still rages on, she struggles to find the truth behind her existence in a world where everything is not as it seems...


7. Prisoner

I woke up the next morning to the comfort of warm sheets in a deathly cold room, I glanced outside the window almost expecting to see sunshine but remembering where I was I wasn't too surprised by the stormy clouds that lay overhead the stone castle-like tower I now was locked in. Getting up I shivered at the cold rocks beneath my feet though I had wrapped the blanket around my shoulders, before I slipped on the pair of brown, plaid slippers before padding over to the window. Looking below I shivered at the sight of the dark, brown dirt that was the ground along with stone paths that winded around the adjoining stone buildings, unlike those wooden ones in the Hunter village.


"You're awake" a voice said, I jumped almost meters into the air (at least it felt like that) before landing as I spun around to see the vampire from the day before... at least I thought so. He wasn't wearing the same clothes as before this time wearing long black pants and a white blouse unbuttoned at the top revealing his flawless chest. I took a deep breath before sighing letting my eyes drop to my feet as I wrapped the blanket tighter around my shoulders.

"Yeah, I guess I am..." I said turning to the window desperately missing the Hunters village. Though the sun didn't always agree with me, I loved the warmth both from the weather and from the people there... Here I was alone. Locked away. I watched as the small, dot-like, vampires walked around the village without laughter, no talking, no running... Just slow, patient, walking in silence.

"Are you cold?" he asked, coming behind me and wrapping his arms around me his cold, death-like body not able to suffice the warmth I felt for once I seemed to desperately need and want.

"Why do you lock me up?" I asked, avoiding his question as I lay my head to the side resting it on his arm. I don't know how I could trust him... How I could trust someone who had hurt the first person who seemed to understand a little what was going on with me... The man who had hurt Zara.


He let me go causing me to sway into the corner of the window pane, the thud of my shoulder against the corner sending pain through my body. I coughed bringing a numb hand up to my cold, dry lips,

"You do not remember" he said, sounding some-what disappointed. Then again I wasn't sure if vampires felt emotions... I glanced sidewards at him my eyes meeting his before he was by me again, pressing me against the wall his cold, gentle hand stroking my cheek sending shivers through my skin.

"You will" he said, before slowly turning to the door.

"Give me warmth" I spat out instantly before he could leave. He turned around his face registered with shock as I took a deep breath stepping forward.

"It is always cold here. Sleeping all day and night won't keep me warm forever... I need something that can give me heat. Back at the other village they had..." I said, before his cold glare cut me off. He then turned to his head to the ground not facing me,

"The sun" he said,

"Exactly. It was warm, and they had foods that warmed me when I drank it..." I added quickly,

"Soup" he said glancing up to see my face. I knew it was probably pointless. This vampire wouldn't understand how this would help me. But surprisingly a small smile spread across his lips,

"Then it's the sun and soup, you shall have" he said turning to leave before closing the door gently.


I rushed towards it and pressed my ear up against the door before I heard the gentle click of the lock. I could hear his footsteps echo from the cold, stone, stairwell outside even as I fell to my knees bringing them up to my chest as tears welled up in my eyes. I shut them hugging my knees as I rocked a little back and forth a small sob escaping my lips as the hot tears slid down burning the cold, skin of my cheeks.

"Why me?" I cried, my voice a bare cry out into the lonely silence of the room I was being kept prisoner in,

"Why me?"


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