Lost: Rose

Atwood Forest is untouched by the human world surrounding it. All they know is whoever enters, never returns...

Inside Atwood Forest there are one type of prey and one type of predator. The Vampire Hunter's are a race of magically blessed men and women who hunt and kill those who stray from the vampire fortress in the west of the forest. It is known that occasionally humans venture in the forest but not once has a Hunter ever been able to successfully save a human without losing their life.

A young girl is one day found on the boarder line of the Hunter and Vampire territory. She is without food, clothes, and shelter. When she is picked up by a group of Hunter's she is given the name Rose, due to a cryptic tattoo of roses embedding the skin of her back. She is without memory of who she is and where she'd come from. Trapped in a forest where a century-long war still rages on, she struggles to find the truth behind her existence in a world where everything is not as it seems...


2. Lost

The brightness of the sun burned my eyes, I could feel it sear my skin as I lay curled up on the road between two sides of what could only be a dense forest. Sitting up I shivered suddenly as a cool, breeze wound it's way through the forest, weaving it's way through the trees from East to West as I drew my knees up to my chest not knowing what to do. Looking around I could feel the sudden emotion of confusion... Where am I? What am I doing? Who... Who am I? Voices emerged from my left sending me in a sudden panic filled with uncertainty and longing for safety. I could see strangers on the edge of the road stop as they watched me scrambled away unable to walk as I pushed myself along the ragged rocks of the road towards the other side my skin cutting easily against the cement as blood soon covered my hands and legs a rising lump emerging in my throat as they started to come my way.


My mouth opened but no words left them as I silently began to cry and sob. 'Leave me be!' I wanted to scream, I pushed myself further away ignoring the painful incisions my actions were causing my body. On their faces I could see what looked to be... confusion? But as they came closer my heart sped up frantically and I shut my eyes as one reached out, my mouth still open as finally one of my screams came loose from my throat before everything went black...


*          *          *          *         *

I could hear the soft, dabble of whispers as I slowly opened my eyes, the voices slowly fading into complete silence as I sat up. My eyes drifted downwards to the over-sized, white shirt, the only item of clothing that covered my body. Lifting my hands numbly I turned them around to find bandages hugging the insides of my palms, before I moved to rise from the bed, however, wincing in the process, my eyes shot downwards before finding another bandage wrapping my thigh.

"Where am I..." I whispered aloud, putting a hand to my painfully, throbbing head as I stood up before looking around slowly. I could barely remember what had happened before I'd blacked out but the before and after of the horrid event, that was my only memory, was a mystery to me... Heading towards the door, panic rose as I reached for the handle before pausing just a touch before grasping it, as I heard voices on the other side which were seeming to be getting louder. Turning frantically, I looked around the room,

"A way out, a way out, a way..." I muttered to myself, before seeing a small window above the bedhead. Jumping onto the bed I climbed onto the shaky, black-iron, bedhead struggling to balance as I unlocked the window and pushed it open a tiny bit. Pushing myself up, I threw my hands over to the other side a small grunt of discomfort escaping my lips as my wrists were brought down on the tiny ledge. Pushing my feet against the wall I used one hand to hold my weight as I pushed my other arm further out gasping as my elbow came colliding with the wall on the outside. Continuing to ease my arms out I stuck my head out before looking below to see what seemed to be a box full of hay, I pushed myself further out preparing to brace myself for a fall when I heard the click of the door behind me,

"She's asleep..." a voice said, before I found myself throwing my body out the window slamming my eyes shut in the process. I found myself able to relax, just at the last moment as my body came in contact with the hay which was surprisingly soft... most of it. A figure sat up and I gaped in horror, before leaping off the large pile and breaking into a sprint towards the forest.

"There she is!" a voice called out, before I heard the rise of dozens of feet following me. My heart began to pound furiously, faster and faster as did my feet against the ground as I crossed what looked to be a black, burn mark, line. Turning my head in confusion at the line the confusion spread when I realized it was a circle around the huge buildings and further out behind me, but seeing one of the figures pointing my way, I turned back towards the forest.


Running for what seemed only less than a few seconds, I stopped when I came to a sudden small clearing, a lone figure seated on a large, stone boulder wearing clothes awfully similar, to those I'd seen the strangers from my earlier memory wearing. Hearing the voices of those chasing me, come closer I looked around in haste for a way to escape. Running around would take far too long - they were faster than they looked. Looking up my heart sank at the height of the trees before panic washed over me and in a second I shut my eyes before leaping upwards. Opening them almost immediately after, I found myself several meters in the air headed straight for a tree branch. I tried not to flail before I successfully landed some-what shakily on the large tree branch, before sitting down immediately stretching my legs to lie vertically along the branch and straightening my back against the tree trunk, silently wishing I could just disappear. I watched below as those who sought me stopped by the figure on the boulder,

"Heath, have you seen anyone past here? Sensed anyone?" one of the men asked breathing heavily,

"No" the stranger on the boulder replied calmly,

"Why, what's up?" the stranger asked. Another of the men opened his mouth before another, fellow man elbowed him.

"Never, mind, come let's continue" the fellow man decided before they took off once more past the man and through the other edge of the forest.


Seeing them leave I gave a small sigh of relief, and sitting back winced as the sun burned the skin of my legs. Pulling them up close to my chest I took a deep, shaky breath inwards from the cold, damp air that came from the shade of the tree that had become a place of safety for that fleeting moment. I almost breathed that breath outwards before seeing the figure below staring right up at the tree I was in, it was a man. A tall, well-built man, with roughly, chopped blonde hair, a handsomely defined, chiseled chin, and narrow blue eyes glaring up at me. I froze.

"I know your there vampire, come out!" he shouted. This time I really did freeze. The horror of him spotting me caught me off guard before confusion swept through my mind. What was that...? A vampire? I was in the middle of allowing myself to get wrapped up in confusion before he lifted a tree branch and brought it down over his knee snapping it in half. He dropped one of he halves choosing to hold the one with a long, sharp end he leaned back angling it towards me, over the back of his shoulder as he leaned back on his back-foot as he leaned forward slowly and then backwards. He was... aiming. At me.


I jumped in fright before I realized I'd allowed myself to be shocked into falling off. A helpless cry emerged from my lips as I threw my arms protectively around my head, and shut my eyes preparing for the end of my life... I was still bracing myself as a pair of strong arms seemed to catch me and slowly lower my to the ground, my feet gently touching the ground. I felt my body shake, furiously with fright, even as I slowly let my arms drop and opened my eyes to see the man before me looking at me seeming slightly confused yet slightly intrigued.

"What are you...?" he murmured, reaching towards my neck. I flinched as his fingers gently grazed my skin as he pushed back my hair seeming to stare at my neck before looking down. I watched as his expression changed from one of intrigue to one of discomfort as he let his hand drop.

"What are you?" he asked again this time his state locked with my own eyes. I continued to shake, overcome with shock and confusion. Who was this man? What did he want with me?

"What are you!?" he shouted so suddenly it had caused me to flinch, even causing me to fall back to the ground. I felt myself begin to shake even more, uncontrollably as I scrambled backwards towards the damp, shade of a tree.


"What..." he began again before a hand reached out from the darkness behind me, and gently stroked my cheek. I shivered at the sudden, though, surprisingly familiar cold touch against my skin. I lifted a hand slowly, to rest it upon the strangers own before turning around to find whoever it had been gone. Then suddenly I saw it, him, a figure in the distance barely visible in the dense mass of trees that created the dark, enchanting, forest with long, shining silver-blonde hair that fell in a single braid behind his head his pale skin seeming to glisten like a star in mesh of darker shades. I got up slowly heading towards the figure that seemed so familiar as if in a trance, but the panic that crossed his face as he quickly mouthed words I was unable to hear shocked me causing me to pause. I was only able to blink once more to find him gone.

"No..." I whispered, tears welling up in my eyes. I had to have known that man, he seemed so familiar unlike everything else around me, everything else that had and was happening to me. A hand clamped down on my shoulder, hard, I was spun around to be facing the man from before. His expression darkening considerably as he saw my face, or what-more my eyes. He seemed to be staring in them before picking me up under his arm.

"Let me go!" I exclaimed, surprised I was able to find my voice as I struggled out of his grip,

"Let me go!" I screamed, flailing frantically. I quietened down considerably however when suddenly there was a shift in the forest, the air around us suddenly cold and the sunlight completed disappeared for a few moments before gradually coming back, he looked up with me as confusion swept through my mind.

"What is happening?" I asked, my voice dropping to a bare whisper, panic rising in my voice. He suddenly broke off into a run and before I knew it we were headed back to the buildings I'd just escaped from.

"No!" I screamed, in time with the horn that sounded far off in the distance.


Heading into one of the buildings he opened up a room with bars as a door throwing me inside causing me to scrape my legs and hands once more as I hit my head on the ground rolling on the cold, hard concrete momentarily losing my focus before looking back at the door as he shut it locking it closed before walking away.

"Where are you going!?" I called, stumbling as I pushed myself to get up and throw myself helplessly at the bars I screamed as the touch burned my skin.

"Where are you going!?" I screamed, tears spilling down my cheeks burning the fresh burns from the bars as I fell to my knees. Sobs escaped my heaving chest as I struggled to maintain my breath, pushing myself into the back corner of the cell I curled up in a ball and shut my eyes.

"Take me away" I pleaded to whoever would listen,

"I don't want to be here"

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