Lost: Rose

Atwood Forest is untouched by the human world surrounding it. All they know is whoever enters, never returns...

Inside Atwood Forest there are one type of prey and one type of predator. The Vampire Hunter's are a race of magically blessed men and women who hunt and kill those who stray from the vampire fortress in the west of the forest. It is known that occasionally humans venture in the forest but not once has a Hunter ever been able to successfully save a human without losing their life.

A young girl is one day found on the boarder line of the Hunter and Vampire territory. She is without food, clothes, and shelter. When she is picked up by a group of Hunter's she is given the name Rose, due to a cryptic tattoo of roses embedding the skin of her back. She is without memory of who she is and where she'd come from. Trapped in a forest where a century-long war still rages on, she struggles to find the truth behind her existence in a world where everything is not as it seems...


6. Curiosity

I sat alone back in the bar surrounded chamber as Heath and Callum both discussed things my ears couldn't hear over the constant wailing of people outside the repeated cries for Zara. I wondered how she was... With her arm now lost I wondered how she fared. Was she well? How much blood had she lost? Would she be okay?

"She'll be fine" a voice broke my train of thought which was probably a good thing since it had been filled with questions I had started to feel a little scared to answer. I looked up to see the man from before... The man who'd sat on the high and mighty chair... Heath's father.

"I am Stephen, leader of this Hunter village" he said, for the first time properly introducing himself. For some reason, however, it was beginning to make me nervous. Sliding my ring up and off my finger before letting it roll between them in intricate circles between each one, I wondered what it was about this man that seemed so... off.

"Tell me. What did the vampire say to you?" he asked his voice dropping to a tone I registered as serious yet also slightly vindictive which didn't make too much sense since I didn't do anything to him... But then again the vampire obviously had, to his daughter.

"When I was looking at his tattoo..." I began slowly,

"Mark" he spat,

"What?" I asked suddenly surprised,

"Vampires don't have tattoos they have marks put on them" he growled getting quite riled up. I tried taking this into account not knowing what this meant,

"Well I was looking at the 'mark' and he told me that they were roses..." I said slowly, my back beginning to itch a little, he made a hastened, flourishing hand gesture telling me to hurry it up.

"But he also said that I'd know who he is" I said quickly before shutting my mouth. His ear twitched almost like some kind of animal (why did that took a little familiar too?),

"When?" he asked,

"'One day'" I repeated,

"What?" he shouted as if shocked, I flinched instinctively throwing my arms up around my shoulders cradling myself.

"He said I'd know who he was 'one day'" I said quickly my voice shaking uncontrollably.


Watching as Stephen turned on his heel and huffed off back down the hall I quickly went to the bars careful not to touch them,

"Should we let her out?" Calum's voice echoed almost silently down the hall, his hushed voice barely audible in the cold, stale, prison chambers.

"For all we know she could be one of 'them'" Heath growled just as lowly,

"You didn't look like that mattered when you got all worried earlier" Calum growled back,

"Maybe because I remembered Beth being so helpless to them. That 'thing' seems human enough to be one of us" Heath said.

"So she's likely to be a 'Hunter' now?" Calum inquired clearly confused,

"She isn't..." Heath's voice trailed off. I leaned a little forward nearer to the bars before the burning sensation as I leaned against it took over. My screams enveloped the chambers as I used my hands to hold onto the bars before pushing myself backwards, screaming at the unbelievable pain on my shoulders and hands the raw, stickiness of my skin causing my stomach to turn at the sight and smell of the burned flesh that peeled itself off.


Footsteps erupted down the hall and I threw myself backwards the light from the window causing me to whimper as I bit my lip forcing down my screams as I scrambled towards the wall. If Heath though I was a vampire his kind were obviously meant to hunt, then fine. I was a vampire.

"What the hell happened!?" Calum exclaimed, his eyes widening at the sight of my skin. Heath unlocked the gate with a furious pace before barging in and reaching for me.

"NO!" I screamed throwing my arms around myself in the only way of protection I knew, whilst I shut my eyes tightly. Suddenly a whoosh of wind seemed to come out of nowhere before I felt a huge sense of heat before me before a large thud erupted at the bars. I opened my eyes to see Heath struggling to get up, almost as if he'd been pushed far from me.


"What was that?" Calum asked before a hand snaked down and around my shoulders. My breath got caught in my throat,

"Impossible" Calum muttered, reaching for his knife. Heath on the other hand grabbed his own and lunged at the vampire beside me who stepped before me a flung him back against the bars. I was soon whisked up by the vampire who seemed to cradle me gently enough to not put any pressure on my wounds,

"We'll be out of here soon, I promise you" he said gently his voice uncontrollably soothing, I relaxed into his arms as he walked out of the chamber kicking Heath back down in the process before grabbing Calum's knife as he lunged. He caught it at the hilt on top of Calum's own hand before drawing him so close his fangs were beside Calum's neck.

"Let me go or I'll kill you and your little masochist friend back in there" he growled throwing Calum back with his knife.


Unarmed and carrying me I watched helplessly over the vampires shoulder as he headed outside the sky unbelievably dark and stormy, no more sunlight to burn my skin any further... or his for that matter. I looked at Calum's paled and shocked face before meeting the glare of a spiteful Heath who was getting up rubbing his shoulder. I guessed he hadn't really fought hard enough to keep me safe, tears welled up. Was I not worth saving? He went up a step and then another before Calum went charging in a sprint after me,

"Rose!" he called out frantically as the vampire walked with the slowness and ease of a panther heading towards the boarder which had obviously stopped working because the line was scattered all over the ground. A single tear slid down my cheek as he headed after me. I shook my head slowly watching as it fell and hit the ground of the cold, dirt floor as we crossed the line.

"Don't chase me Calum. This is the way it's meant to be..." I whispered my voice seeming to disappear in the howl of the wind along with the howl of numerous voices in the woods which then began to laugh endlessly at the Hunters lack of luck. He stumbled then fell, but surprisingly he wasn't attacked before people of his own kind grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him back over the scattered line.

"Cerrado didtum" a single voice seemed to dance through the wind before the line began to form itself once more. I was then turned around my the vampire in his arms to see many others of his kind nearing us, fangs withdrawn and bright ice-blue eyes shining in the dark of the forest, their pale skin shimmering in the dim light, their heads of glorious hair shining as they seemed to gape our way. I was about to ask something utterly confused yet scared at the same time before I saw one drop to his knees, hands spread out before him in a bow. Then they all fell, into bows each as graceful as the other.

"What is this?" I asked clutching the vampire who held me gently, the only one I seemed to know enough to feel almost comfortable with. He chuckled setting me down gently prodding my skin, I flinched looking down to see the burns gone,

"This is your kingdom regis filia" he breathed,

"This is your home"

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