You Never Really Can Fix A Heart

-Vampire Diaries Fan Fiction/ Damon Salvatore-
In 1864 Alexandra was very good friends with the Salvatore brothers. How could she not be when her father and his father worked together and they live a few houses down from each other.

But she returns to Mystic Falls several months after the Salvatore brothers do. She is different. She isn't the sweet girl that the Salvatore's know but she acts like it when she's around her human friends. One is a witch, one is a werewolf, and last but not least, one is s doppelgänger. The doppelgänger's name is Elena Gilbert, and she looks just like Katherine Pierce.

Alex soon realizes her old feelings she had for Damon re-appeared after she forced them away, thinking she had shut off her emotions.

Haha. Guess not.


1. Returning Home

Chapter 1

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror. My dyed cherry red hair was straightened and went to my shoulders. I had on black skinny jeans, a red ruffle top, and red converse. I like red, If you couldn't tell. I was leaving the petty town I had been staying in and decided it was time to go back to Mystic Falls, my hometown.. From over a hundred years ago.

I'm a vampire, Katherine turned me after she turned Stefan and Damon. I didn't ask to be like this, but it happened. I didn't feed off animals, but I didn't feed off humans either. I drink blood bags which is better than animals, but not as good as a human. I grabbed the things I haven't packed yet and went down to my 2012 convertible silver camaro.

The drive was short since I sped the whole way there. It was about 10 o'clock at night and I made sure that my lapis lazuli stud earrings were in. I could hide it from other vampires that way they won't know

I'm a vampire as well. Element of surprise; my secret weapon. I pulled up into a parking lot for a place called "The grill". As soon as I walked in a blonde girl came up to me.

"Hi! In Caroline . Are you new here?" she asked.

"No I lived here when I was younger and I'm just moving back. I'm Alex."

"Let me guess, short for Alexandria."

"Close, Alexandra." I laughed.

"Well welcome back to back to Mystic Falls. Oh. I should introduce you to my friends." She took a group of people hanging out in a big booth in the back of the Grill.

"Alex, this is Stefan Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, Tyler Lockwood, And Matt Donavan." she pointed them out even though I knew Damon and Stefan, who obviously think they know me from somewhere.

"Oh and thats Elena and her brother Jeremy Gilbert."

I turned and looked at them and but back a his as I saw a girl that liked like Katherine Pierce walk in with a boy younger than her.

I smiled and said hi to everyone and Caroline introduced me to Elena and Jeremy. We were talking for a while and suddenly a question came up.

"So where are you staying?"

"Well since it's my senior year and I'm 18 next month, I was going to get an apartment or something."

"Well you could stay over at our place until or something."

"Uh.. Okay."

"So you moved without your parents?" Bonnie asked.

"I've been by myself since a couple days after my birthday." I started, technically not lying.

"My dad was shot at work during a bank robbery and I never knew my mom." I lied about the bank park and my dad. He died trying to help Katherine. I saw Stefan and Damon relax a bit.

Bonnie wrote something and handed it to me. Our fingers brushed and she tended then glared. Shit. She's a witch. She was trying to do her withy voo doo to me. It didn't work and she seemed confused .

I was immune to those types of things. I drank vervain, so I was immune to that, I can break through the vervain in people's system since I had a lot of practice with that as well. And I have a dead witch protecting me. Well she only stops other witches from hurting me with their magic.

I learned a lot from Katherine, since I was with her for a month after she turned me.

"Bon are you okay?" Elena asked. I pretended to be confused as Bonnie snapped out of her trance.

"I gotta go." she said and grabbed her bag. She left and I looked at Caroline.

"Is she okay?" I asked worriedly.

"Eh she does that a lot." Damon answered like it was nothing. I frowned but nodded.

"Well we should get going Alex." Stefan said.

"Huh? Oh yeah. We have school tomorrow." I said blanking.

"Is it okay if I ride with you? I came with Damon and he won't leave until the place closes." Stefan asked.

"Sure. I don't care." We got in my car and he directed me to the Salvatore Boarding house. It was like I remembered, since I've been there a lot with my father.

Once we got there and got all of my things put up I went down into the kitchen and started to make coffee . I

heard a slight creak from behind me and the smell of vervain. When I heard the creak get closer I turned with vampire speed and flung myself at the person. I grabbed the throat and shoved then against the wall.

"You know it's not nice to sneak up on people Mr. Salvatore."

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