Vampire Apocolypse

Pierce didn't expect anything unusual when she moved to the small town called Ellesmere. She never believed in vampires. Or zombies, faries, Werewolves and all that other supernatural stuff. Pierce has no time to fantasize about them though, She's to busy. Being on the run from her best friend..


1. the beggining

 Pierce Henderson sat in her English class totally unaware of anything going on. It was normal. Her mind was somewhere else, as usual. All sorts of thoughts were racing through her head. Make-up, Boys, Hair- what else could you expect from a sixteen year old girl?

 She vaguely heard any of the whispers from behind her. "PIERCE!" Chloe whispered harshly. Pierce turned her head around to face Chloe and Vivienne, her two best friends. The bell rang. Everyone stood up and gathered their things, school was over. Finally. Pierce thought.

 Vivienne grabbed pierce's arm and took her to Chloe's car. Chloe followed behind. Vivienne got in the car. " Get in the backseat, Pierce. We're going somewhere." Vivienne said then Pierce and Chloe got in the car. Chloe was driving.

 "We've got something serious to talk to you about. Something you can tell nobody about, got it?" Chloe said. "Got it." Pierce mumbled. They started driving. Vivienne snapped her head around to look at Pierce. Pierce suddenly felt very sleepy. She closed her eyes. She started to see sharp claws and teeth, like fangs. Vampires. Everywhere. Pierce tried to open her eyes but she couldn't. She was trapped.

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