Glimpses of The Baltic Anomaly

In 2011 a team of treasure hunters, called Ocean X Team, found something strange at the bottom of The Baltic Sea. The sonar scans shows what seems to be an intriguing object. Some believe it's a UFO, others put their bet on an ancient construction and sceptics believe it's just a rock formation.

This summer the team have made two expeditions. Each expedition produced more questions.

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This story brings you fictional glimpses of what The Baltic Anomaly might be.


3. Stiff breeze

“It disappeared, Sir”, one of the pilots reported in. “What do you mean ‘dissapeared’? Did it crash?”, Captain Bowman shouted. The radioman forwarded the question. “Can you confirm that the object was on fire? Can you confirm that it went down?”, Bowman asked. “Yes and no, Sir”, the pilot said, “It looked like some kind of fire and the objects last known trajectory wouldn’t have kept it up for long at that speed. But it’s impossible to confirm, Sir” “We’ll continue at the debriefing after landing. Over and out”, Bowman said. The Admiral was busy communicating with The Pentagon and The White House. The Soviets would not be happy and relations were tense as they were even without these cursed flying saucers. Operation Mainbrace had started off in excellent fashion. It was time to draw some lines to keep the Soviet Union from expanding westwards. And it was to be done with a magnificent fleet of over 200 ships, with ten aircraft carriers and two battleships in the lead. But for every implausible sighting of flying saucers leaping in and out of the ocean, the focus and morale of the men participating in the exercise had started to shift. Had they encountered some kind of communist super weapon? The discs seemed to observe and follow them around, which eventually gave even The High Command bad nerves. To boost morale they sent up fighters to check these saucers. It had been done on several occasions but every time the flying objects magically disappeared. Captain Bowman stepped outside. He stood there, on the deck of the carrier he commanded,  watching the sunset. It was a cool autumn day and the breeze was stiff. “I wonder which would be worst”, he thought out loud, “A Soviet super weapon or an alien space ship?”

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