Glimpses of The Baltic Anomaly

In 2011 a team of treasure hunters, called Ocean X Team, found something strange at the bottom of The Baltic Sea. The sonar scans shows what seems to be an intriguing object. Some believe it's a UFO, others put their bet on an ancient construction and sceptics believe it's just a rock formation.

This summer the team have made two expeditions. Each expedition produced more questions.

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This story brings you fictional glimpses of what The Baltic Anomaly might be.


4. Riddles

Deep down on the ocean floor A riddle rests upon a height The discovery makes feelings roar A few men struggles to shed a light  

Seeking the truth Indeed a bold quest By a species of youth Will they stand the test?  

Patience and a clear mind is key When trying to set the truth free The murky waters of The Baltic Sea Holds many questions for thee

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