Glimpses of The Baltic Anomaly

In 2011 a team of treasure hunters, called Ocean X Team, found something strange at the bottom of The Baltic Sea. The sonar scans shows what seems to be an intriguing object. Some believe it's a UFO, others put their bet on an ancient construction and sceptics believe it's just a rock formation.

This summer the team have made two expeditions. Each expedition produced more questions.

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This story brings you fictional glimpses of what The Baltic Anomaly might be.


2. Red Alert

The whole Baltic Line of Defense had immediately gone to red alert when radar screens from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia detected a fast moving flying object. It could be a new kind of missile and it seemed to originate in the vicinity of the American ships.These radar reports were soon confirmed by eye witness reports. The most trustworthy ones came from navy personnel whom were on a mission to observe what kind of game the large-scale NATO navy exercise were playing. Comrade Admiral Borisov was not pleased with his western colleagues turning his turf into a playground. He had been fighting the Nazi’s back in the 40’s and was until now hoping for a calm stretch towards his retirement. “What is Moscow’s response?”, he asked. He could hear commotion in the other end of the line. “If the flying object breaks our sovereign air space, Admiral, you are ordered to strike against the hostile fleet. Is that understood Comrade Admiral?”, a voice asked. “Yes”, said Borisov and hung up. With 25 minutes of red alert he now commanded a force that would utterly destroy the fleet participating in the exercise. “I hope the damn thing ends up in international waters and stay there. At least until I’m retired”, Borisov said and lit a cigarette.

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