Glimpses of The Baltic Anomaly

In 2011 a team of treasure hunters, called Ocean X Team, found something strange at the bottom of The Baltic Sea. The sonar scans shows what seems to be an intriguing object. Some believe it's a UFO, others put their bet on an ancient construction and sceptics believe it's just a rock formation.

This summer the team have made two expeditions. Each expedition produced more questions.

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This story brings you fictional glimpses of what The Baltic Anomaly might be.


1. Moment caught by a fisherman in 1952

"Strange", the old fisherman said to himself. For generations seamen of The Baltic Sea had been accustomed to The Wheels of The Sea. But they rarely spoke about them. Or maybe was it that the northern seamen just didn't speak much in general. The Wheels where usually seen out at sea. Not often by the coast line. They could pop out of the ocean or surf the sky. In a way The Wheels were appreciated as friendly sea inhabitants who sometimes observed fishermen but more often went about their own business. Never before had Roland seen one travelling this fast. And never before had one left a trace of fire behind it. Roland put down his net and sucked his pipe. Watching as the wheel disappeared by the horizon to the northeast. He barely felt it but shortly after there was a deep crumbling beneath him in the sea. And as the crumbling faded he could make out a couple of jet fighters coming from the south. Far out, but the sound was unmistakable. They made a long turn and went back south again. "Now they really messed things up", he said to himself and continued mending his net.

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