new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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16. Time with Niall


Harry POV

I took another look at the picture and took a deep breath and put the phone down, giving another thought on how I am going to explain this. When we finally arrived to the apartment Niall, Zayne and Liam had woken up. Soon as we entered the apartment we all went our separate ways I headed straight to my bedroom as soon as I slammed the door shut behind me I ripped off every piece of clothing, till I was standing naked, threw myself onto the bed and shut my eyes trying to block out all thoughts about these photos and fell asleep within seconds.


Emillia POV


My eyes slowly fluttered opened and I looked around my dark bedroom, giving out a loud “sigh” when I realized harry was no longer by my side. I threw my long legs off the bed and sat there for a few minutes staring into the mid air I picked up my weight and stood up, I instantly felt dizzy and grabbed on to the white wooden cabinet beside my bed to gain myself some balance. Step by step I walked over to the window and pulled one of the grey cotton curtains open just slightly, it was still dark out, I looked at the metal clock above my bed “you got to be kidding me its only 4!” I mumbled to myself, it wouldn’t be light for two whole hours. I tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen, I let the kettle steamed as I flicked through the magazines on the marble bench top, when the kettle finished steaming I made my self a coffee and sat down in the entertainment area turning on the TV, I pulled out my phone from my pocket and went on twitter, “Why do I have to wake up so early!!” I tweeted, I took a sip of my coffee, my face instantly changed to a shocked face my coffee was horrifying, it was disgusting I put the cup in on a coaster from preventing it to scratch the glass table. I lent back on the couch and went back to twitter, scrolling down I saw a few tweets about harry but didn’t bother reading them, I scrolled a little further and saw another tweet with a picture with the tweet headline “are Harry and Felicity back together?” both of my eye brows rose and I was kind of confused, I went to open it but a phone call came through exiting me from twitter I held down the answer button before I could read the name of the caller, I held the phone to my ear “Hello” I spoke through the mic with a questioning tone humming through my voice “Hey its Niall, I seen your tweet and I have been awake for hours too want to hang out and get a coffee?” his voice sounded husky just as I would expect it to be this time of morning “Yes, I would love too” I rushed up the stairs and into my bedroom “Ok well, be there in 15 minutes and we can walk” I hung up the phone and chucked it on my bed. 15 minutes defiantly wasn’t enough time, I opened my drawer and saw a pair of dark denim jeans I put them on whilst closing the draw, I ran into my cupboard and found a white tank top dangling on a coat hanger, I pulled it off the hanger squeezing it over the top half of me and than pulled a long grey dressy/casual jacket of another hanger, putting it over the top. I looked around and saw a black pair of heal ankle boots that went well with my outfit I put them on and just as I put the brush in my hair my phone buzzed, I gazed down at it and saw it was a text from Niall, “Hey I’m out front” I quickly pulled the brush through my brown hair and grabbed my keys, phone and wallet and rushed down the stairs, trying not to wake anybody up.


Soon as I swang open the door Niall greeted me “Hello, you look good for this time of the morning” he let out a cheeky grin, “don’t I always look good” I gave him a wink “Well I cant disagree” he smirk, I gave out a little laugh and pushed him. Closing the door behind me, we began to walk in the direction of the coffee store name star bucks. The whole way there we laughed so much and did embarrassing things I felt really comfortable in front of him. When we arrived, I took seat on a metal stools near a bench that faced outside giving fresh air, when I sat down on the stool it was freezing cold a cold shiver ran down my spin, I wiggled around a little till it was warm, I rested my head in my hands and stared outside it was still dark so I couldn’t see much. Niall was ordering the coffees I could hear him talking to the lady behind the cash register, I tried to listen closer and realized that they were flirting. I could feel jealously coming through, I turned around and saw Niall was holding the coffees in his hands but still just stood there and flirted, I glanced over at the girl, she was beautiful she made me feel self conscious about myself. Her long Blonde hair was tied back into a pony tail still dangling around the lower back, her blue eye shone so bright you would be able to tell the colour for 5 metres away and her lips were a dark pink and were the perfect shape. I let out a loud but fake cough, they both instantly turned over to me, Niall widen his eyes and mouthed give me a minute, whilst she just gave me an intimidating stare. They turned to face each other again she leaned in close to him slipping a piece of paper into the blue pocket on the left side of Niall’s shirt, his cheeks went from skin colour to a deep rosy red, she gave him a wink and she went back to doing her job whilst Niall turned and walked over to me joining me at the table.


After we finished our coffees we decided to walk over a park by a beach. “Swings!” I yelped and sat on one trying to gain height, whilst Niall jumped on the other one trying to swing higher than I was. After 15 minutes of us having a competition on who can swing the highest we both agreed it was a tie and shook hands on it, but we still remained on the swings, everything was quiet but I decided to brake the tension with something I felt like I needed to get off my chest “You know I really liked you” He turned his head and a his face was invaded with guilt than he started “ I really liked you too, but that night at that party, I spend time with Natasha, all the feelings I had rushed back for her, which made me forget about the feelings I had for you, I was stuck in the moment and Natasha felt the same way, anyways after spending more and more time with her this feeling wasn’t the same you were always on my mind every time we kissed I would think about the time I kissed you and so on, but I knew I had ruined my chances my heart hurts every time I see you with harry but I’m slowly learning that’s how its going to be” “what happened to Natasha?” I questioned “Well I told her the truth, but I didn’t give named she told me I had shattered her heart and she didn’t want to see me anymore and she was moving to Australia with some family for a while and apparently she went with a guy, but I don’t know I guess that’s the past now” nothing came to me at that time, I just lent over and gave Niall a hug and a kiss on the cheek he gave me a little smile, we both lent back down in our swings and stared out at the water.


It was just silent not much conversation so I pulled out my phone and decided to check twitter, as I scrolled down the tones of tweets a came across that picture again, but this time I got to open it, my face dropped as did my heart I felt like someone drove a knife through my heart. Tears filled the brim of my eyes, I could feel Niall stare at me “What’s wrong?” he frowned “Do I have a big sticker on my back saying Cheat on me or something” my eyes started to leak tears, I looked over at Niall and he looked confused “What do you mean?” I pushed my phone in his direction and my tears started to come out uncontrollable, Niall’s face turned into the perfect 0 shape and he jumped off his swing and wrapped his arms around me tightly, squeezing me I let out a little laugh “a little to tight Niall”, “Oh” he blushed slightly and stood up, “c’mon lets get you home” he held out his hand, I laid mine in his a he pulled me to my feet, than he pulled his sleeve over his hand and used it to wipe my tears and my wet face. Linking his arm around mine we walked home, every now, then he would throw out little jokes, trying to cheer me up, which it worked, but than I would go back to felling hurt. When we reached my front door, the sun was shinning and lighting up the rest of the sky, “Well I had fun except for the last part” I said giving Niall a hug, he griped my hands between his and spoke “I’m sure its some mistake Harrys really not like that ill see what’s going on” I smiled weakly and thanked him whilst I turned around to walk into my house. I tore of my shoes and walked up stairs. As soon as I reach my room fell onto my bed taking a deep breath than it came to me “Oh my god! The Natasha that Niall was dating, is the girl that Kia was insane about, they moved to Australia together!” I Gasped


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