new start

Emillia just moved back to London with her brothers and father, She bumps into Harry styles at the local high school but doesn't want anything to do with him, he he doesn't give up she finally gives in but than there is niall. does a new romance happen

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14. the letter


Emillias POV

Even though it’s been over a month me and Harry decided we wouldn’t tell the paps that we were finally dating.

Harry and I were sitting at his apartment, his arm around my shoulders holding me firm against his body.

“Hey babe, want to go to the club tonight?” harry mumbled spitting pieces of potato chips everywhere

“Would love to” whipping the chips that sprang on to me off was quiet disgusting


*A few hours passed*

 I turned down to look at a sliver Nixon watch Harry purchased for our one-month anniversary he spoils me so much, it was 10 o’clock I thought it would be great timing to get ready since we are leaving for the club at 11, “I’m going to get ready” I said walking to the bedroom. I quickly through my hair up in a messy bun, dropping all my clothes in an uneaten pile on the white tiled flooring. First I turned on the hot water, whilst I waited for the water to warm up I looked into the mirror and starred into my green eyes that were murky, the mirror started to get misty I turned to the shower and turned on the cold, giving it an even to make the water the perfect temperature. I took foot by foot into the water till my whole body except my head was wet. I quickly scrubbed my body from head to toe with the body wash, rinsing the soap of and stretched out for a towel and wrapped it around my wet body.


I put on my under garments and scrammed through the I have left at Harry apartment until I found a black/gold dress I reached out and grabbed it my face lit up “Iv been looking for this!” It was my favourite party dress, from the front it was a sparkling gold, but at the back it was just plain black, it was strap less it was elegant but was perfect for a night in the town. I brushed out my hair and curled it, putting a light shade of foundation, thin black eyeliner, black mascara, and sparkling gold eye shadow and to finish it off with clear lip-gloss. I looked at the time it was 10.50, where on else is harry? I wondered. I quickly slid my foot into black ankle boot heels and speed walked into the entertainment area where I left harry, I chuckled when I saw harry fast asleep, with his thumb inside his mouth, he looked so adorable I didn’t want to disturb him “”HARRY WAKE UP WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and laughed when harry jumped up and fright, than rubbing his eyes revelling his eyes, I looked closer and they were dark blue, I didn’t even question I enjoyed them that colour. Harry quickly sprinted to his room, and within minutes returning with a white t-shirt, covered with a dark blue blazer, and a pair of denim jeans, and a white pair of converses. “Lets go,” I pleaded, harry yanked his keys from the bench and we left.


We arrived at the club, it had a big sign with KoKo printed on it but lit up with bright white lights that could like up one house. Before we got out of the car harry reached out and tucked my right hand in both of his, “I forgot to tell you, you look beautiful tonight” I smiled widely and whisper “You look quiet dashing yourself”. He lent it pressing his moist lips with him put got interrupted by a knock on the window. We both pivoted our head and saw Liam standing their making kiss faced and laughed within him self. Harry and I both smiled but harry lifted his hands up and let the middle finger fly up at Liam. Liam just smirked and walked in the direction of the club. “Shall we?” “We shall” I responded.


We walked into the club we looked at each other and glared into each other eyes and smiled and head in the direction of the bar. “Two sex on the beach’s thanks” harry ordered us. I gulped down the last sip of my drink and grabbed on the Harry’s hand “Lets dance!” pulling him on to the dance floor, hand in hands we danced laughing away. Everyone formed a circle around harry as he did the sprinkler dance, I smiled and got slightly embarrassed for him, he brown curls were springing in every direction, the circle deformed and everyone went on to their own dancing, “I’m going to get us another drink” Harry spoke loudly so I could hear him over the music.


Harry POV

I was walking to the direction of the bar to get more drink than I head a familiar voice yell across from the bar “Harry!” I observed around but saw no one, so continued to do what I was doing, until I heard it again “harry, over here!!!” Than I saw from the side of my eye was felicity sitting over the by the wooden bench top near the bar. I stride in her direction but her interrupted by Emillia “Hey babe, I got bored on the dance floor by myself” I forgot all about felicity and walked hand in hand in the direction of the bar.


The night got late and it was around 3 am, I let out a loud yawn, “Can we go home now” I whispered into Emillia’s ear she nodded her head I stretched my arm and laid it on her shoulder, and we walked out of the club the rest of the boys had already left. We drove into the long driveway of Emillia’s house she was sound asleep with her head leaning against the window, I turned of the engine and walked to her side of the car, opening the door slow and steady, not wanting to wake her, I held her in my arms like a wedding grip. I paced up the stairs and into her tidy room, laid her of her fresh sheets and sat on the end of the bed I heard the sound of paper crunching beneath my I stood up and saw a letter along side two items, I quickly read the note and gasped in shock I knew by this Emillia was going to be absolutely crushed so I decided to wait till morning to show her.


Emillia POV

Soon as the sun rise in the morning it sprayed through my window hit my eyes, they shot open and I I felt blinded. I jumped up and yanked the blinds closed, I saw Harrys arm stretch out as he lent himself to sit up grinding his perfectly shaped abbs together. “Morning handsome” I smiled and sat besides him until he wrapped his strong-arms around me pulling up down. I felt trapped but I couldn’t stop laughing as he blew raspberries on my neck. He finally let me so and we laid there giggling at each other. “Oh Emillia, I found something last night, umm errm” He reached beside the bed and handed me a piece of paper.


To Emillia, dad and Oscar

I know this is short notice but by the time you read this I will be half way across the world, I am moving somewhere far away, I cant say how sorry I am for leaving you guys but I will be back in a year I promise. The reason I have come to this decision is because ever since we have moved here I have been nothing but depressed, picked on, bashed and I have no friends except one Natasha and I decided to travel with her for a year. Please don’t worry about me at all, I will be fine, I love you guys lots.

Oh and Emillia I know this is going to affect you the most but don’t think because I left I don’t love you, you are more of a sister to me you are my best friend, but lately you have been to wrapped around your new boyfriends and we have drifted apart this month. But I left you a few items to keep me with you at all times.

Love you from Kia


As I was reading the letter tears field the brims of my eyes until I reached the part about me, I couldn’t hold them I just broke down crying digging my head into Harry’s chest. He was trying to comfort me by rubbing my back with his warm hands and running through my hair from time to time. “I need to call dad” I cried

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